Authorized Disney Travel Agents Near Me?

Is it cheaper to book Disney through a travel agent?

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it cheaper to book Disney through a travel agent?

Yes and No.

It is actually the same price if you book through Disney as if you did through a travel agent, however Disney Travel Agents often have extra promotions they might offer through their agency.

Do Disney Travel agents get discounts?

As we mentioned before, being a Disney travel agent has its perks. Disney Travel Agent Rates on Walt Disney World® Resort Hotels (typically 50% off) 1 FREE 1 Day Park Hopper® Ticket to the Walt Disney World® Resort OR an extremely discounted 2 – 10 Day Park Hopper® Ticket (one per year)

Is it worth using a Disney travel agent?

One common misconception is that booking a Disney vacation through a travel agent is more expensive than booking direct. The price you pay for a Disney vacation package, regardless of where it is booked, is the same across the board. However, booking your vacation with a Disney travel agent can at times save you money.

How do I find my Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

Look for Authorized Disney Vacation Planner at the travel agency. This shows that they are part of the Earmarked program. Lots of agencies can book a trip to Walt Disney World. It is important to choose your agency and agent carefully.

What perks do Disney Travel agents get?

Nothing makes us happier! As we mentioned before, being a Disney travel agent has its perks. First, you’ll get FREE world-class training on all the Disney Destinations including theme parks, resorts, cruise line and more!

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  • 70% Commission Pay.
  • Free Travel Perks.
  • Email Support.
  • No Booking Minimums.

Is it worth staying at a Disney hotel?

They take advantage of most on-site Walt Disney World perks, all of which are a fairly big deal to them. Plus, there’s the incalculable “x-factor” of staying on-site immersed in the Walt Disney World “bubble” making it worth the extra cost. They spend extra on the hotel, but to them, it’s worth the money.

How do I become an authorized Disney travel agent?

Disney travel agents are generally not required to have a degree, but experience as a travel agent is helpful. If you’re not a travel agent yourself, you’ll need to register with a Disney Authorized Vacation Planner. Plenty of companies are available that don’t require any sort of monetary commitment to register.

Do travel agents get commission on Disney tickets?

Walt Disney is adding new commission opportunities for travel agents, including a special package for romantic getaways at Orlando’s Walt Disney World and pre- and post-night hotel stays with Adventures by Disney. Already booked pre- and post-night stays will also yield commissions.

How do Disney Travel Agents work?

Travel agents make their living from a small commission paid by the travel supplier (in this case, Disney) for the resort hotel rooms, theme park passes and vacation packages they book. Travel agencies always charge a fee for making air reservations, because the airlines no longer pay commission.

How do Disney travel planners get paid?

Disney travel agents are paid on a commission basis, and the percentage of commission you earn depends on the travel agency you register with. Most agencies earn a standard 10 percent commission on vacations they book. Of that 10 percent, you might be entitled to 75 percent commission.

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Should you tip a travel agent?

Your travel agent is making money off of your trip that you booked through him/her. I have never tipped my travel agent. That being said, if you really feel your TA went above and beyond for you, by all means give a tip. Everyone likes to be appreciated for what they do.

How much does it cost for a family of 4 to go to Disney World?

One week Disney World budget for a family of four

Estimated cost Notes
Airfare $1,800 $450 X 4
Car rental & gas $150 Car rental $100, Gas $50
Parking $150 $25 per day, per park
Accommodations $1,050 $150 X 7 nights

5 more rowsTravel

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