Best Time To Travel To Antigua?

What is the rainy season in Antigua?

The climate in Antigua and Barbuda is tropical, hot and humid all year round, with a relatively cool, dry season from January to mid-April and a hot, humid, and rainy season from mid-June to mid-November.

Is Antigua worth visiting?

If you can choose to visit any of the islands in the Caribbean, Antigua is about as solid as you can get. The thing is, while a lot of people know that Antigua is a Caribbean island, it doesn’t have a lot of signature fame beyond that. But I found out lots of things that make Antigua worth the trip.

What should I know before traveling to Antigua?

19 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Antigua

  • An escape to a sun-soaked Caribbean paradise is something that we all dream of, particularly if it feels like our own winter is never-ending.
  • Yes, Its Beaches are Incredible…
  • There are two types of dollar.
  • Don’t Forget Barbuda.
  • You Should Absolutely Rent a Car.
  • Sailing is a big deal.
  • They make a mean hot sauce.

Does Antigua have a hurricane season?

The hurricane season is June 1st to November 31st, that said the highest risk months are Mid august to Mid October. The last hurricane to hit Antigua directly was in 1999 and in 50 years there have been only 6 direct hits.Travel

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