FAQ: How Many Journey To The West Movies Are There?

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

Stephen Chow co-wrote, co-produced, and co-directed Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, a 2013 fantasy comedy film that is a loose comedic re-interpretation of the 16th-century novel Journey to the West.


The story takes place before Tang Sanzang gathered his disciples and set out on the Journey to the West. A Taoist priest kills a giant manta ray and claims it is the demon. Another demon hunter, Duan, captures and turns the demon into a puppet. Monkey King is trapped in a 500-year-old cave by the Water Demon, Pig Demon, and Monkey King.


Shu Qi plays Duan, Wen Zhang plays Tang Sanzang, Huang Bo plays Sun Wukong, Chen Bing Qiang plays Zhu Bajie, and Lee Sheung Ching plays Sha Wujing Show Lo plays Prince Important. Cheng Sihan plays Master Nameless, and Xing Yu plays Fist of the North Star.

Box office

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons made a total of US$215 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Chinese-language film ever, with a $92.46 million opening weekend in China. It was surpassed by Monster Hunt in 2015 as the highest-grossing Chinese film ever.

Critical reception

The film received positive reviews from critics, with 94% of critics giving it a positive review on Rotten Tomatoes and a weighted average score of 68 based on 13 reviews on Metacritic, indicating “generally favorable reviews.”


The sequel to Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back is in the works, with a reported budget of around US$64 million. Filming began on August 6, 2015, and stars Kris Wu as Tang Sanzang and Lin Gengxin as Sun Wukong.

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“Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” (u897f.u6e38.u964du9b54u7bc7) (2013) Hong Kong Movie Database. Domestic Comedies Dominate Holiday Box Office. Stephen Chow may star in Journey To The West Sequel.

How many parts of Journey to the West are there?

The novel is divided into three sections, with the first seven chapters dealing with the birth of a monkey from a stone egg and its acquisition of magical abilities, and the remaining five chapters telling the story of Xuanzang, also known as Tripitaka, and the origin of his mission to the Western Paradise.

How many Monkey King movies are there?

Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (Chinese: ) is a 2017 Chinese fantasy adventure comedy film directed by Tsui Hark and produced and co-written by both Tsui and Stephen Chow. It is a sequel to Stephen Chow’s 2013 film Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons.

Is Sun Wukong a God?

Sun Wukong (), also known as the Monkey King, is a Chinese trickster god who achieves enlightenment as Tang Sanzang’s disciple in the 16th-century novel Journey to the West. Wukong is endowed with unmatched superhuman strength and the ability to transform into 72 different animals and objects.

Is Sun Wukong good or bad?

Sun Wukong is one of the most popular villains in Journey to the West, and one of his most famous deeds was assaulting and wrecking havoc on Heaven; by default, Wukong is the first villain to appear in the story.

Is Monkey King rare adopt me?

The Monkey King Crown was a limited-edition ultra-rare pet accessory available during the Monkey Fairground Event in Adopt Me!

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Is the monkey king real?

Monkey King is based on the true story of a famous monk named Xuan Zang of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (602-664), who arrived on foot in what is now India, the birthplace of Buddhism, after a decade of trials and tribulations. He was said to have been born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven and Earth.

Will There Be a Monkey King 4?

Soi Cheang Pou-Soi (SPL II) released his first Monkey King film in 2014, starring Donnie Yen, and now we’ve just received word from AFS that The Monkey King 4 is officially in the works.

What happened to Sun Wukong after Journey to the West?

Wukong escapes back to his home at the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit after using his three cause-and-effect methods of immortality during his time in heaven. Wukong’s immortality and abilities are eventually put to use after Guanyin suggests him as a disciple to Tang Sanzang in the Journey to the West.

Why was Dicky Cheung not in Journey to the West 2?

The TVB series on at the time was Dragon Love, starring Benny Chan Ho Man, who replaced Cheung in the Journey to the West sequel, Journey to the West II. Dicky was also supposed to play the Monkey King in the sequel, but the role was given to Benny Chan Ho Man due to a contract dispute.

What is the story of Journey to the West?

The plot revolves around Buddhist monk Xuanzang, who travels west to India with his four disciples, including the famous monkey king Sun Wukong, in search of holy scriptures. u201cThe Journey to the West,u201d or Xi You Ji, is the title of a book that belongs to China’s u201cfour most wondrous classical novels.u201d

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Who is the strongest Chinese god?

Chinese Mythology’s Most Powerful Gods

  • Yuhuang Shangdi, the Jade Emperor.
  • Wangmu Niangniang, the Queen Mother of the West.
  • Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.
  • Yan Wang, King of Death.
  • Ne Zha.
  • Long Wang, the Dragon King.
  • Nu00fcwa, the Creator of Mankind.

Can Goku beat Sun Wukong?

The conclusion, on the other hand, is unmistakable: based on all the evidence and a thorough examination of both of their abilities, we conclude that Sun Wukong would be able to defeat Son Goku because he is far more powerful than him.

Why is Sun Wukong so popular?

Sun Wukong’s popularity and adaptability are due to his universal appeal; the Monkey King is well-known in China thanks to film, television, and novel adaptations of The Journey to the West; he is also well-known as a stand-alone character and is frequently used in advertising of all kinds.

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