FAQ: How Many Lighthouse Levels In June’s Journey?

Help Wanted!. A How-to for the Help Wanted Newspaper… | by April Wooga

When you have more than 100 energy, the Help Wanted newspaper in June’s Journey adds a new level to the hidden object scenes you play, with tasks that allow you to earn a 5-Star box if you complete them. The newspaper appears at the bottom of the screen when you have more than 100 energy.

Here’s a look at some of the most common cases and how to solve them:

Flowers are earned by placing decorations on your island, upgrading buildings, and restoring landmarks; the seasonal sets are unique decorations for your island that change out every month; hidden objects can also be found by tapping precisely in the right place to get PERFECT scores; and hidden objects can also be found by tapping precisely in the right place to get PERFECT scores.

How many levels are in June’s journey?

One Chapter is made up of five levels plus an Adventure Scene, and each Volume has a different number of levels. To level up, the player must collect a certain number of flowers.

Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any June’s Journey cheats? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game; these cheat codes aren’t even real cheat codes; they’re just a random string of numbers, letters, and characters that can’t be entered anywhere else in the game, so don’t waste your time with them.

What are the landmarks in June’s journey?

In order of repair, here is a list of Landmarks.

  • Wedding Chapel.
  • Pirate Ship.
  • Mountain Chateau.
  • Aviary.
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What are the seasonal sets on June’s journey?

Seasonal Sets are one-of-a-kind, limited-edition sets of decorations based on a specific theme, with 7 or more items and a Grand Prize item, each worth seasonal points.

Does June end up with Jack in June’s journey?

Jack and June met in Paris shortly after the war ended and began a short-lived relationship; they remained best friends, but his love for her never died, and they got together for “a serious relationship” after she confessed her love to him.

Who is the killer in June’s journey?

Sam Watts is a character in June’s Journey who is an FBI agent investigating the murders of Clare and Harry van Buren.

What’s the point of June’s journey?

June’s Journey is a natural extension and successor to Wooga’s Pearl’s Peril, with more features and enhanced gameplay. The player’s goal is to point and click all of the listed hidden objects in each scene, progressing through the game by completing the scene’s requirements such as clues and stars.

Are there bots in June’s journey?

Also, because bots can’t’see’ images, we can’t use them in the game; however, these scores are attainable with practice!

How do I get more diamonds in June’s journey?

You can get them in a variety of ways:

  1. Diamonds can be purchased in the Shop. They can also be obtained by removing trees and stones from Orchid Island. They are occasionally found in Star Boxes. Diamonds are occasionally awarded as bonuses for completing Hidden Object Scenes (but only very rarely).

How do I get more power in June’s journey?

There are a few options for getting more:

  1. Energy regenerates 1 unit of Energy every 2 minutes until your bar is full.
  2. Energy refills can be purchased in the Shop.
  3. Energy is occasionally awarded in Star Boxes.
  4. Bonus Energy is occasionally awarded after playing a Hidden Object Scene.
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How many chapters are in June’s Journey 2019?

June’s Journey is a mystery game aimed at female fans of the genre in which you must spot specific items in a crowded scene. Wooga CEO Jens Begemann said in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat, “We will start with 20 chapters of content, and we will launch a new chapter every single week.”

What are Help Wanted cases in June’s journey?

The Help Wanted newspaper is the newest craze on Orchid Island, and it allows you to solve cases in exchange for rewards like Coins, Energy, and Diamonds, as well as earn points toward the Challenger Prize!

Where is the aviary located in June’s journey?

After all of the hard work of constructing the landmarks over the years, Mr. Talbot decided to build a place close to the Lighthouse that would be a safe haven for the various types of birds that call Orchid Island home.

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