FAQ: How Many Times Does Enrique Go On His Journey?

Enrique’s Journey

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Nazario spent nearly five years reporting on migrants in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and met Enrique, a 16-year-old undocumented immigrant, after months of research. She retraced his journey a second time, taking three months each time.


Enrique’s mother moved to the United States from Honduras when he was five years old to support her two children financially. Lourdes sent money back to Honduras so Enrique could finish third grade and beg his mother to return.

Don Francisco Presenta Reunion

On a Univision-produced Spanish-language talk show, Enrique’s family was reunited, with Lourdes crying as she said it had been 17 years since she had seen her daughter Belky. Don Francisco obtained a visa for Belky to visit, and he called for her to come out.


Enrique’s Journey has been adopted as a freshman or common read by over 100 universities, and it has been chosen as a common or freshman read by over 200 middle schools, high schools, and universities across the country. In 2014, Enrique’s Journey was ranked first on The Latino Author’s list of the top ten best non-fiction books.

Sonia Nazario

Sonia Nazario has been a board member of Kids in Need of Defense since it was founded in 2008 by Angelina Jolie and Microsoft Corporation.

How many attempts does Enrique make to reach the United States?

ABOUT THE BOOK Enrique sets out to find his mother after a series of difficult stays with other relatives. He is 16 years old when he makes the first of seven failed attempts to cross the border into the United States through Mexico.

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What happened to Enrique on his journey?

Enrique persisted despite being caught numerous times and the dangers of the journey, riding on top of rail cars through Mexico, enduring beatings, and nearly being thrown off the train once; he was eventually reunited with his mother, but their relationship was strained.

What does Enrique go through on his journey through Mexico?

Enrique must travel through thirteen of Mexico’s thirty-one states and over 12,000 miles to find his mother; he is one of many children who undertake a similar journey in search of a parent, and the journey is extremely dangerous, as he must contend with bandits, gangsters, immigration officers, and corrupt police.

Is Enrique journey a true story?

Enrique’s Journey is a true story about a young boy’s perilous journey from Honduras to America to join his mother. Enrique feels abandoned by his mother and unloved by his extended family, but he dreams of one day reuniting with his mother.

Why does Enrique turn to drugs for comfort?

He is frustrated by his mother and has many abandonment issues; additionally, a beloved uncle dies, causing him much distress, and he turns to drugs for comfort. Enrique and Belky accept the gifts, but they will never be enough in comparison to their mother’s presence.

Who is Father in Enrique’s Journey?

After his grandmother kicks him out of the house, Enrique’s father, Luis, takes him in, but their relationship is short-lived, as Luis finds another woman and leaves Enrique to start a new family.

What happens to Enrique on his seventh attempt to America?

He grabs Enrique with both hands, someone seizes him from behind, and they slam him face down. This is his seventh attempt, and it is on this attempt that he suffers the injuries that land him in the hands of the good people of Las Anonas.

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Who does Enrique live with?

Enrique is entrusted to his father, Luis, for two years, after his mother had been separated from him for three years, and he clings to his daddy, who adores him. His father, a bricklayer, takes Enrique to work and lets him help mix mortar, and they live with Enrique’s grandmother.

Where do the smugglers drive Enrique after his mother has paid them additional money in Chapter 6?

Enrique’s mother wires $1,700 to Dallas, where he is met by a Latino driver and a female smuggler. After the transaction is completed, the smugglers take him to a gas station, where he meets four other immigrants, and then to Orlando, Florida, in a green van.

Who is El Tirindaro in Enrique’s Journey?

El Tirindaro is a smuggler in Nuevo Laredo who helps Enrique cross the border when he runs out of money to buy phone cards in Enrique’s Journey.

What happens in Chapter 7 of Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s drinking and marijuana use increases as he goes out every day after work to drink and play pool, as well as sneaking paint home from work and sniffing it, and calling Mara Isabel less frequently, despite his assurances that he will bring her north in a year.

What was Enrique’s mother’s first real job in the US?

Expert Answers In Sonia Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey, Lourdes’ first job after crossing the American border illegally is as a live-in nanny for a couple in Beverly Hills, where she looks after their 3-year-old daughter while the couple is at work.

What is the main idea of Enrique’s Journey?

Perseverance and Survival: Much of Enrique’s journey is about overcoming impossible obstacles, confronting extreme danger, and surviving. At the age of 17, Enrique manages to travel from Honduras through 13 of Mexico’s most violent states and cross the border into the United States, thanks in large part to his tenacity.

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What is Enrique’s last name in Enrique’s Journey?

LUIS ENRIQUE MOTIO PINEDA Enrique works as a painter during the week, but he still abuses drugs on occasion, having become addicted to them as a young adolescent in Honduras. He and his family live with his mother, Lourdes, who blames herself for his drug addiction.

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