FAQ: How Much Is A Journey Doll?

Journey Girls

Journey Girls is an American line of 18 fashion dolls aimed at girls aged 6 to 12. They were sold at Toys R Us until the company went out of business, after which JustPlay rereleased them, and they have since been sold on Amazon.


In late 2013, Toys R Us added another new Journey Girl doll, Mikaella, to the Italy line, while the Australia and Japan holiday dolls have no name. Journey Girls dolls are made of vinyl and cloth with rooted hair and inset eyes and are released about once a year with a new outfit.

How much does a journey doll cost?

Journey Girls outfits, which cost between $30 and $40, are usually not suitable for American Girl Dolls.

How much did an American Girl doll cost?

In 1986, an 18-inch American Girl doll with a paperback book cost $68 and a hardcover book cost $75; today, 18-inch American Girl dolls from the brand’s historical characters collection cost $98.

Is American Girl doll expensive?

The main reasons for the higher cost of an American Girl doll are: 1) the dolls’ actual quality; 2) their status as a highly customizable specialty item; and finally, 3) the vast variety of must-have accessories available.

How tall is a journey girl?

Each Journey Girl doll is 18 inches tall and comes dressed in her own travel-inspired outfit, with beautiful rooted hair and expressive hand-painted faces.

What happened to Journey Girl dolls?

Tru Kids Brands’ Journey Girls have moved from Toys “R” Us to Amazon. The 18-inch dolls were a house brand of Toys “R” Us in the United States for many years, positioned as a competitor to Mattel’s American Girl and Battat’s Our Generation line.

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Why was Kirsten discontinued?

The company claims it’s simply making room on the shelves for new historical characters like Rebecca Rubin, the company’s first Jewish doll, who debuted earlier this year. Losing Kirsten was especially painful because the company retired what was arguably its most popular doll almost exactly one year ago.

Which American Girl doll is the rarest?

The most valuable American Girl Doll is an original Girl of Today/Truly Me doll, number 6, which was one of the first dolls released in the collection, which was known as “Girl of Today” at the time.

Which American Girl doll is the most popular?

We Ranked Our Favorite American Girl Dolls, That’s Right.

  • Maryellen.
  • Kirsten.
  • Samantha.
  • Caroline.
  • Rebecca.
  • Nanea.
  • Marie-Grace and Cu00e9cile.
  • Felicity.
  • Felicity.

What American Girl dolls are discontinued?

Dolls Who Have Been Retired

  • Just Like You 23.
  • Emily Bennett (doll)
  • Felicity Merriman (doll)
  • Kirsten Larson (doll)
  • Felicity Merriman (doll

How do I know if my American Girl doll is worth money?

What makes an American Girl doll so expensive?

  1. The doll’s hair has not been cut
  2. the face is unmarked
  3. the eyes are unblemished
  4. the doll still wears the original, clean clothing
  5. the doll comes in the original box
  6. the doll has been retired
  7. receipts and information cards are available.

What is the most expensive thing from American Girl?

The Rainforest House was Lea’s most expensive item in 2016, costing $395. In her story, Lea goes to the Amazon in Brazil with her brother, where she stays in the rainforest house–her brother’s college host family’s house.

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What size are Journey Girl dolls?

Each Journey Girl doll is 18 inches tall and comes dressed in her own travel-inspired outfit, with beautiful rooted hair and expressive hand-painted faces.

What is a Gotz doll?

Gu00f6tz (also spelled Goetz or Gotz) is a German doll manufacturer and one of the original designers of the Pleasant Company’s American Girl Doll line.

Who is the owner of American Girl?

Mattel is a toy company.

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