FAQ: How To Activate Unlimited Energy In June’s Journey?


Energy is a currency used in scenes and Club Competitions, and it can be seen on the energy bar, which holds a maximum of 110 energy by default but can be increased by defaults.

Playing Scenes[]

Accessing a Hidden Object Scene normally costs 15 energy, but by tapping on the purple camera in the bottom right corner, the player can activate an Energy Discount, which reduces the cost to only 10 energy for the next 30 minutes. The Energy Discount can be used multiple times per day.

Group competitions[]

The cost of a scene in Club Competitions varies depending on the competition type. Competitions require less energy per scene than Time Trial Competitions, and there is no energy discount for Competitions, but there is a discount for other competitions.

Gaining energy[]

Collecting Star Cards and completing tasks in the Help Wanted menu can provide you with energy, and connecting to your Facebook account can add 2 full bars of energy to your current play-by-play list.

How do you get free energy in Junes journey?

There are a few options for getting more:

  1. Energy regenerates 1 unit of Energy every 2 minutes until your bar is full.
  2. Energy refills can be purchased in the Shop.
  3. Energy is occasionally awarded in Star Boxes.
  4. Bonus Energy is occasionally awarded after playing a Hidden Object Scene.

How do you get the extended Energy Bar in June’s journey?

Diamonds are used to purchase energy. A full bar of energy costs 59 diamonds; to permanently extend your Energy Bar to 150 energy and fill it up with an additional 150 energy, you must pay 799 diamonds.

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Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any June’s Journey cheats? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in the game; these cheat codes aren’t even real cheat codes; they’re just a random string of numbers, letters, and characters that can’t be entered anywhere else in the game, so don’t waste your time with them.

What is the permanent extended Energy Bar in June’s journey?

The extended Energy Bar is a one-time offer in the Energy Shop that permanently increases the capacity of your Energy Bar to 150 Energy instead of 110, while maintaining the same RATE of refilling. When you purchase the extended bar, you will also receive a 3x refill (450 Energy total) as a one-time bonus.

What is the best strategy for June’s journey?

June’s Travel Guide: 5 Tricks and Cheats for More Puzzle Solving

  1. Think Outside The Box.
  2. Take Note Of Objects.
  3. How To Get A High Score.
  4. When In Doubt, Tap Around.
  5. When In Doubt, Tap Around.

Is Junes journey free?

June’s Journey is free to download and play, but you can pay real money to buy virtual items in the game. You can turn off in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

What are the diamonds for in June’s journey?

Diamonds are extremely valuable and can be used to speed up timers, purchase missing materials, and Energy refills. They are earned in small amounts and can be purchased in larger amounts in the Shop.

What is Star booster in Junes journey?

Star Boosters give you 30 minutes of accelerated Game Play to help you progress faster, as well as special rewards that are only available for a limited time after you activate your Star Booster.

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What are the gold bars in Junes journey?

Gold is used to stylize your buildings; different styles can be found in the Style Picker and Golden Facades; the price per building varies, but when you have enough Gold for a new style (or the Golden Facades bundle), a golden tooltip will appear over the building.

Are there bots in June’s journey?

Also, because bots can’t’see’ images, we can’t use them in the game; however, these scores are attainable with practice!

How many levels does June’s journey?

One Chapter is made up of five levels plus an Adventure Scene, and each Volume has a different number of levels. To level up, the player must collect a certain number of flowers.

How many levels does the lighthouse have in June’s journey?

Landmarks are large buildings on your island that take time to upgrade; the Lighthouse is the first one you’ll come across, and each one requires around 20 levels of upgrades; renovating them is a long-term investment, but it will reward you with a lot of flowers and help you solve this case.

How do you get the compass in June’s journey?

Compasses can be found in Star Boxes, and they are occasionally awarded as bonuses for playing Hidden Object Scenes. They can also be purchased with Diamonds or real money in special sales, but they are quite rare, so you may have to play for a long time to collect them!

Where do I find seasonal sets in June’s journey?

Every month on the first of the month, a new seasonal set will be released that will only be available in the shop for that month, consisting of decorations and occasionally tiles that can be purchased with coins or diamonds or found in 5-Star Boxes.

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How do you put things in June’s journey?

Simply tap anywhere on your island and hold for three seconds to open the Storage drawer.

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