FAQ: How To Pass Disney Princess Enchanted Journey?

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey (PC) DIGITAL (DIGITAL)

Customize your own unique heroine character and embark on a thrilling adventure through four fun-filled levels. With beautiful levels to explore and exciting adventure elements, this is one game that is sure to please the princess in you.

Where can you play Disney Princess Enchanted Journey?

On Steam, you can play Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey.

What do you do with the gems in Disney Princess Enchanted Journey?

As players complete each world, a gem will shine in their avatar’s necklace, and their castle will become less run-down and more fixed up.

How do you play princess dress up time?

To get clothing and gift materials, complete “Encounters” in Dress Up Time Princess. Tap the “?” in the lower-right corner of the story adventure map screen to access encounters, where you must choose a reply from multiple options. Read the conversation with a random NPC, select a reply, and get your reward.

Who is Zara from Disney?

Zara is the main antagonist of Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, and she is an ex-princess who was exiled from her kingdom, making her one of Disney’s few villainous princesses, despite the manual’s designation of her as a witch.

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