FAQ: Journey On Psnow How To Start?

Guide to arranging a meetup

This guide will explain how to connect or reconnect with someone on each platform based on the platforms you are currently using; for general information, see To connect or disconnect.

Common courtesy[]

Make sure both players are ready and enter a level at the same time; if something goes wrong – “I entered the wrong level,” for example – quit the game immediately.

Basics for meetings[]

Journey does not have a lobby system or a play with friends option; instead, the goal of the game is to connect with someone you don’t know and travel with them, using various techniques to become attached to that person and have unique experiences.

General Information[]

On any platform other than iOS, a first run cannot meet a White Robe; to meet a first run on any other platform, you must wear a Red Robe. You can connect in any level, but not the first or last.


The video was created for the PlayStation 3; however, forcing a connection on the PlayStation 4 is more difficult, as shown below.

Two players will connect if:[]

Connecting with the Companion is more difficult, but not impossible, if you are in the same state of the game and have the same triggers activated. For platform specifics, see Specifics for PS3, PS4, and PC Versions. Additional hints can be found below in the “Connecting in Broken Bridge Section.”

Get your save-files[]

Backups only work on the Steam version since Epic Games version 1.59, and the community is working to find a way to delete all your progress and restart from the beginning. (2020-05-02).

We do not connect :([]

To reenter the level, both players must press continue at the same time. If connecting in Bridge mode, do not use the Chapter Select option; instead, change the download region in Steam to the same as the Companion. This may not work if both players are connected to the same internet network.

Connecting in Broken Bridge[]

Most players try to meet in Broken Bridge to complete the journey together, but connecting is disabled if you stay on the ledge at the start of the level. Use the sign you agreed on to quickly identify if it’s you or someone else.

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“Raving’s favorite” for Broken Bridge[]

We’ll try to get to the Broken Bridge level at the same time, which increases the chances of us connecting. To save time, use the quickstart-trick (use menu option “Chaper Select” right at the beginning of the Journey).

Is that you?[]

If it’s not a friend, it might be considered “polite” to dust on them quickly to avoid giving them the impression you’re up for a game.

Oh, its not you :([]

If you run into another player while trying to connect with a friend, quit the game, give the other player enough time to leave the level/activate triggers before retrying, and try to connect in the next level to avoid frustration on both sides.

PC version specifics[]

The connection is also platform dependent; there could be a server issue, maintenance, or other issues. Since the new version 1.59 (April 2020), the long-standing connection issues have been resolved, and the connection now appears to work very well (much like on PS3).

PS4 specifics[]

When attempting to connect with someone, the best method discovered is to turn off/on the network simultaneously by both players. Disconnecting from a companion is usually caused by being too far away from your companion, which varies by level.

PS3 specifics[]

Reconnecting works well if a Companion with a matching level is nearby; if not, unplug your lan cable from the router or sign out of psn.


I had a problem connecting in BB, despite the fact that the settings were correct and there was no other companion in sight, nor a shine. I began looking around and noticed a companion standing far away on an invisible platform; they were only a dot, but it led me to believe there was a connection problem.


No connection possible, so I switched servers to theirs and we were able to connect. 2020-02-23: This is from the video description here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLjF08SagdU.

How do you press Start on Psnow?

Like the DUALSHOCK 3 controller, click the left side for SELECT and the right side for START.

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How do I start a game on PlayStation Now?

To start a subscription, simply go to PlayStationTMStore and sign up; you’ll need a valid payment method on your account to do so. Once you’ve purchased your subscription, you can choose which games to stream or download on the PlayStation Now app.

Is Journey on PS now?

Journey is also available on PlayStation Now for PC users.

How do you push start on PS4?

The simplest way to turn on a PS4 is to press the power button on the console’s front, but you can also use a controller that has already been paired with your PS4 or that is connected via USB cable to turn it on by pressing the PS button on the controller.

Is PS Now worth it Reddit 2020?

I bought a one-year subscription and got my money’s worth in the first month; I won’t buy a year for financial reasons, but I see your point; I want to play PS3 games, but downloading games is still an option for me, and I’ll do that as well.

Is PS Now free?

PS Now on PC can be accessed via the free app from any compatible Windows PC; you can join via the PC app, from the PlayStation Store on any device, or sign-in with an existing PS Now subscription to begin streaming games. You’ll need: An active PS Now subscription or a seven-day free trial.

Is PS Now worth it?

Is PS Now worth it? That is the big question, and the simple answer is that it depends on the type of gamer you are. If you’re the type of gamer who only plays one or two titles on a regular basis (like the annual installment of FIFA or Call of Duty), you won’t get the most out of PS Now’s vast library.

How do I make my PS Now games forever?

You must upload your PS Now save to online storage, then download it from the cloud to continue using your save on a downloaded game. This is pretty cool: you can stream and download a game at the same time, so you can play while you wait for it to download.

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Can I play PS Now games with mouse and keyboard?

Sign up for a free trial or a paid PS Now subscription. You’re only eligible for a free trial if you’ve never tried PS Now before. Select a game to start streaming. You can browse PS Now with a controller or a keyboard/mouse, but you’ll need a compatible controller to play.

Do PS Now games stay forever?

Can I keep PS Now games indefinitely? Like other subscription-based cloud services, your content will be locked away if your subscription expires, and you’ll have to renew your subscription to stream games again, so you won’t be able to keep PS Now games indefinitely.

How many PS Now games are downloadable?

Over 800 games are available as of 2020, with over 300 of them available for download on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Can you play PS3 games on PS5?

PS5 consoles do not support PlayStationu00ae3 discs, so if you purchased a PS4 digital game through the PS3 game to PS4 digital game upgrade program (and thus require the PS3 disc to play), you will be unable to play it on your PS5 console.

Which button is select on PS4?

Since Sony unveiled the PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller today, fans have been asking, “Where are the Start/Select buttons?” controller into a new “OPTIONS button,” so the Start/Select buttons have been integrated into the Options button.

Is rest mode bad for PS4?

Your PlayStation 4 isn’t completely turned off when it’s in Rest Mode; it was designed to be put into Rest Mode when you’re not using it. The only disadvantage to using Rest Mode is that it uses more electricity than turning it off.

How much is a PS5?

For $499 (u00a3449 in the UK), you can get a 4K console that would cost well over $1,500 if you wanted to buy one of the best gaming PCs or build one yourself, or the $399 (u00a3359) PS5 Digital Edition, which has the same power as the standard PS5 but lacks the Blu-ray drive.

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