Have Gun Will Travel Business Cards?

Have Gun Will Travel meaning?

“Have Gun, Will Travel” was the title of a popular TV Western in the 1950’s starring Richard Boone.

‘Have Gun Will Travel’ was not just the title of that TV Western.

It was the motto on the business car of a frontier “equalizer” who called himself “Paladin”.

Have Guns Will Travel movie?

Have Gun – Will Travel
Created by Sam Rolfe Herb Meadow
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen Richard Donner Lamont Johnson Ida Lupino Richard Boone William Conrad others
Starring Richard Boone Kam Tong
Narrated by Richard Boone

18 more rows

Have Guns Will Travel Radio cast?


Complete series cast summary:
Richard Boone Paladin / 225 episodes, 1957-1963
Kam Tong Hey Boy / 109 episodes, 1957-1963

2 more rows

What was Paladin’s first name?

2. Paladin’s real name was Clay Alexander — perhaps. On the television show, Paladin’s true name is never given. Though it remains a point of debate amongst fans, one of the tie-in books, which expands on the origin story shown in the episode “Genesis,” his real name is given as Clay Alexander.

Have faith will travel meaning?

A phrase used when one has the ability or skill to do something and could do it anywhere. Once you get your degree, you can do anything you want with your life—have degree, will travel!

Does Netflix Have Gun travel?

Rent Have Gun Will Travel (1957) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Has a Gun Will Travel Director?

Richard Boone directed many episodes.The star helmed 28 episodes of Have Gun – Will Travel. Oddly, he rarely sat in the director’s chair beyond that, except for a handful of episodes of his The Richard Boone Show in 1963–64.

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Have Gun Will Travel a matter of ethics?

A Matter of Ethics. Paladin secures some ill feelings when he hires his gun to an accused murderer, but may have to fight an altogether unexpected foe in order to keep the terms of his contract.

Has Gun Will Travel remake?

CBS has put in development Have Gun – Will Travel, a reboot of the 1957 CBS Western drama, to be penned by writer/director/playwright David Mamet. Mamet is set to direct the potential pilot, which will be produced by CBS TV Studios.Travel

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