How Does Kisaki Know About Time Travel?

The fact that Trivia Kisaki is there for Mikey and Hanma’s handshake lends credence to the idea that he may in some way be a time traveler. Takemichi has put a lot of thought into the possibility that Kisaki, like himself, possesses the power to travel across time by employing the same handshake technique that he does.

Can Kisaki time travel like Takemichi?

  • Can Kisaki Time Travel?
  • No, Kisaki cannot Time Travel like Takemichi.
  • He used his grit and intelligence to accomplish whatever he set out to do.
  1. From the time he was a little child, he was held in extremely high esteem.
  2. And he put this intellect to use by planning everything meticulously from the ground up.
  3. From engaging in criminal activity to becoming a member of Toman, he was solely responsible for every choice he made, down to the smallest detail.

How good of a character is Kisaki?

Kisaki has demonstrated amazing intellectual talents throughout the course of the narrative. Despite Takemichi’s ability to travel across time, she has been successful in foiling his schemes on several occasions. He has been able to cunningly control a vast number of prominent criminals, getting them to carry out his orders and acting as stepping stones for him along the way.

How did Chifuyu know Takemichi was a time traveler?

The conversation then moves on to Takemichi revealing to Chifuyu that he is a time traveler and discussing his adventures. Chifuyu admits that he always knew in some manner that Takemichi was a time traveler, and he compliments Takemichi on his efforts to assist everyone. He promises that he will watch out for Takemichi’s best interests.

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