How Far Did Ibn Battuta Travel?

His major book details his vast travels, which spanned approximately 75,000 miles (120,000 km) and took him to practically all of the Muslim countries as well as China and Sumatra. His journeys began in the Middle East and ended in China (now part of Indonesia).

How long did it take Ibn Battuta travel to Mecca?

Ibn Battuta left his hometown in June 1325, when he was twenty-one years old, to do the hajj, also known as the pilgrimage to Mecca. This was a voyage that would normally take sixteen months to complete. He had a voracious appetite for excitement and was keen to learn more about other locations.

How long did Ibn spend Travelling the world?

During the Middle Ages, the traveler Ibn Battuta circumnavigated the globe for a total of 29 years. During his travels, he traversed a distance of around 75,000 miles, during which he visited a significant portion of the Islamic Empire as well as other regions. He is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished explorers in the annals of human history.

How many continents did Ibn Battuta travel to?

Ibn Battuta left his birthplace at the age of 21 and journeyed across the Islamic world and Far East in the 14th century CE. He traveled a total of 75,000 miles (120,000 km) between 1325 and around 1352 CE, during which time he visited 40 nations and traversed three continents.

Why did Ibn Battuta stop traveling?

Battuta’s journey across the world came to an end when he arrived in China.After traveling to the farthest end of the known globe, he ultimately decided to turn around and make his way back to Morocco, eventually landing in Tangier in the year 1349.Since at that time both of Battuta’s parents had passed away, he only stayed for a brief period of time before embarking on a journey to Spain.

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How long did Ibn Battuta stay in India?

During his 29 years of travel, he made it to around 44 different nations, one of which being India. Ibn Battuta made his way to the royal court of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq, who was the king of Delhi at the time. This journey took Ibn Battuta through numerous locations. He worked for the king during his time here, which totaled around seven years.

Did Ibn Battuta go to Europe?

Ibn Battuta only spent a short amount of time at Tangier before setting off on his journey across Spain, West Africa, and North Africa (Mali).

What is Ibn Battuta famous for?

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was a Muslim scholar and explorer from Morocco. He is also known as Ibn Battuta. He was well-known for his travels and for leading journeys that were referred to as the Rihla. His travels spanned a time period of close to thirty years and took him to practically every part of the Islamic world and beyond.

Did Ibn Battuta travel the Silk Road?

Ibn Battuta, a Moroccan explorer, embarked on a voyage down the Silk Roads in the fourteenth century that is considered to be one of the most significant of all time.In point of fact, he traveled close to 127 hundred and fifty kilometers.He traveled to a number of different locations, including Baghdad, Constantinople, Kilwa, which is located in what is now Tanzania, the Malabar Coast on the Indian peninsula, and Canton in the far east.

Did Ibn Battuta go to Japan?

No, Ibn Battuta did not go to Japan. Scholars disagree as to whether or not this narrative of his travels in China is accurate; yet, he claims to have journeyed as far north as Beijing.

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Which country did Ibn Battuta travel to?

Ibn Battuta was a 14th-century adventurer who went to India from Morocco, Africa.

Did Ibn Battuta go to Russia?

IBN BATTUTA IN RUSSIA WITH THE GOLDEN HORDE IN 1332-1333 After that, he continued his journey by traveling along the frozen Volga river throughout the winter.

Who was Ibn Battuta for kids?

Ibn Battuta was a Moroccan adventurer who lived from 1304 to perhaps 1368 or 1369. He is famous for writing an account of his travels titled the Rihla, which translates to ″Voyage.″ Ibn Battuta information for younger readers.

Quick facts for kids Ibn Battuta
Died 1369 (aged 64–65) Marinid Morocco
Occupation Geographer, explorer
Era Medieval era

How many times did Ibn Battuta go on hajj?

Ibn Battuta’s travels took him all the way from Fez in Morocco to Beijing in China.Despite his determination to avoid retracing his steps, he made four pilgrimages to Makkah for the Hajj, in addition to traversing what, based on today’s standards, would be considered more than 40 nations.He conversed with around sixty heads of state, and he was a consultant to approximately twenty-two of those leaders.

How safe was the North African coast road?

How dangerous was the route that ran along the coast of North Africa? The route that ran along the coast of North Africa was dangerous to travel on. Ibn Battuta was traveling at a period of time in which there was 10 consecutive days of steady rainfall. Along the road, there were many Arab bandits.

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