How Far Do You Have To Travel To Get Per Diem?

A per diem is money that you get to spend on food and other incidentals (including tips and phone calls).

If you are away on travel for more than 12 hours and more than 50 miles from home, then you are eligible for 3/4 per diem.

If you are away less than 12 hours, you do not get per diem.

What qualifies for per diem?

Do: Have a Business Purpose: Qualified per diem allowances may be used only when an employee incurs, or is reasonably expected to incur, travel expenses that are ordinary and necessary business expenses, for meals and incidental expenses in connection with the performance of the employee’s services.

Is Per Diem required by law?

The Fair Labor Standards Act carries no requirement for privately owned companies to provide per diem pay. Despite that, many companies offer this benefit to employees who travel in order to retain a qualified workforce.

How do you calculate per diem for travel?

You can estimate expenses based on the published per diem rate, but if actual expenses are below the published rate, actual must be claimed:

  • Number of days x per diem rate = total per diem for location.
  • Add the totals for each location to determine the total per diem allowance for the travel event.

What is the standard per diem rate for 2019?

The full CONUS per-diem rate combines three allowances, covering lodging, meals and incidentals. Most of the country is covered by the standard CONUS per-diem rate of $149 ($94 for lodging, and $55 for meals and incidentals), which has gone up by $1 for lodging from the 2018 rate, and up $4 for meals and incidentals.Travel

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