How Far Does Sound Travel In 1 Second?

  1. The speed of sound may be defined as the distance that a sound wave travels in a given amount of time when it is transmitted through a material that is elastic.
  2. At a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), the speed of sound in air is approximately 343 meters per second (1,125 feet per second; 1,235 kilometers per hour; 767 miles per hour; 667 kilonewtons), which is equal to one kilometer in 2.9 seconds or one mile in 4.7 seconds.

Sound travels at a speed of around 1,129 feet (344 meters) per second in air at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (22.2 degrees Celsius). This is roughly similar to traveling one-fifth of a mile in one second, or traveling one mile in five seconds (or one kilometer in about three seconds).

How many seconds does it take sound to go 1 mile?

Lightning moves far quicker than thunder, which moves at the speed of sound, which is around 1088 feet per second. A distance of one mile is traversed by sound in approximately five seconds.

How far does it travel in one second?

It is the distance that light travels in free space in one second and is equal to exactly 299,792,458 meters. It is defined as the distance that light travels in one second (983,571,056 ft).

How much distance does the sound travel in 2 seconds?

Speed = distance/time If it were observed that a sound wave traveled a distance of 700 meters in under two seconds, then the speed of the wave would be calculated to be 350 meters per second. A wave that moves at a slower pace would travel a shorter distance in the same amount of time, say 660 meters, and would have a speed of 330 meters per second as a result.

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How far does sound travel per second in feet?

At a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the speed of sound in air is equal to 343 meters per second, which is equivalent to approximately 767 miles per hour.

How far can sound travel in 3 seconds?

Therefore, sound can reach one kilometer in around three seconds and one mile in approximately five seconds.

How many miles is a Mach?

Conversion table from Mach to miles per hour

Mach Miles per hour
0 Mach 0.00 mph
1 Mach 761.21 mph
2 Mach 1522.41 mph
3 Mach 2283.62 mph

How fast is a light second?

When traveling in a vacuum, the speed of light is exactly 299,792,458 meters per second (983,571,056 ft). That equates to around 186,282 miles per second, which is a universal constant that is referred to as ‘c,’ which stands for light speed.

How far does light travel?

The fact that we are able to view the Sun and the stars demonstrates that light is capable of traveling over extremely long distances (150 million kilometres from the Sun). In point of fact, the distance that light is capable of traveling is unknown to have any recognized limits.

How far away is a light-year?

The distance that a beam of light travels in one year on Earth is measured in terms of a unit called a light-year, which is equivalent to about 6 trillion miles (9.7 trillion kilometers).

How fast is sound in 10 seconds?

The average speed of sound in air is around 750 miles per hour. This is an oversimplification since the real speed of sound changes depending on the temperature and the pressure of the air. But let’s say 750mph. Therefore, the distance that sound travels in ten seconds is equal to 750 divided by 360, which is 2.083 miles.

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How fast can sound travel 10 miles?

Table showing the conversion from the speed of sound to miles per hour

Speed Of Sound Miles Per Hour
8 sound 6,138 mph
9 sound 6,905 mph
10 sound 7,673 mph
11 sound 8,440 mph

How long does it take light to travel 1 mile?

When traveling particular distances, how long does it take for light to complete its journey?

Distance Time
1 foot 1 nanosecond
1 mile 5.3 microseconds
From New York City to Los Angeles 0.016 seconds
Around Earth’s equator 0.133 seconds

How many seconds is the speed of sound?

When we take into account the atmosphere on an average day at sea level under static conditions, the speed of sound is around 761 miles per hour, which is equal to 1100 feet per second.

How fast does sound travel?

Around 332 meters per second is the maximum speed at which sound can travel through air. This is quick, but it is not even close to being as quick as the speed of light, which is 300,000 kilometers per second. Because of the disparity in their velocities, we are able to comprehend that the propagation of sound requires some amount of time.

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