How Fast Does The Delorean Go To Time Travel?

Why did the DeLorean have to go 88 mph?

88 is the number where the car can safely pass through the wormhole. For fear of going too slow and chopping the car in half, doc designed the car so that it cannot open the wormhole unless the car is travelling at 88mph.

How long does it take a DeLorean to reach 88 mph?

two seconds

How many miles per hour is back to the future?

88 Miles Per Hour

What made the DeLorean time travel?

the car was fitted with a “Flux Capacitor” which allowed time travel, but you would need Plutonium to make the 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity to power the flux capacitor and make time travel possible. Later the DeLorean was fitted with “Mr. Fusion” which allowed time travel without the Plutonium.Travel

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