How Horses Travel To Olympics?

A aircraft is used to transport the horses to the Olympics, just like it is for the athletes. They are first placed within stalls, which are then levered up to the plane and put onto it. Despite the fact that there should be room for three, each stall is only big enough for two horses. Because they are Olympians, they are entitled to certain privileges and benefits.

How many horses traveled to the Tokyo Olympics?

In total, around 325 horses were required to make the trip to Tokyo in advance of the Olympic Games in order to participate in the various equestrian competitions (that will include an appearance from Jessica Springsteen ).

How are horses flown on planes?

Each horse is placed into a specific stall on the tarmac, then the stalls are moved to the plane, lifted up, and loaded onto the open cargo deck of the jet. Most freight planes can accommodate anything from 50-80 horses each voyage.

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