How Long Is The Journey From Winterfell To King’s Landing?

Game Of Thrones: Travel Time From Winterfell To King’s Landing

Fans of Game of Thrones have been wondering how characters get from Winterfell to King’s Landing, and one fan has put together a breakdown of the distances. According to the breakdown, Winterfell is 1,460 miles away, and getting there could take days or even weeks.

How far is it from Kings Landing to Winterfell?

Winterfell and King’s Landing are 1,460 miles apart, according to the map.

How long does it take to get from Winterfell to dragonstone?

Stannis is imprisoned at Crofters’ village, which is supposedly three days from Winterfell, according to the raven’s flight path.

How many miles long is Westeros?

Westeros’ north-south length is 3,420 miles, and its east-west width is 1,410 miles, according to the Daily Dot, which is only about half the length of South America.

How long is the wall in Game of Thrones?

The Wall is about 100 leagues long (482 kilometers), 700 feet tall (213 meters), and averages 300 feet wide (91 meters), though Samwell Tarly claims it is 500 miles long in “Mhysa.”

What does the entry to King’s Landing say?

Eddard Stark says of King’s Landing, “I’m a Northman. I belong here with you, not down south in that rat’s nest they call a capital.”

Is Castle black and Winterfell the same set?

There will be tours of Winterfell, which is actually Castle Ward in County Down, and Castle Black, which is actually a quarry in Magheramorne, as well as King’s Landing, which is filmed in part near Armoy.

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How far is the wall from King’s Landing?

So there you have it: King’s Landing is 1000 leagues (roughly 3000 miles) from the Wall.

Why is Winterfell called Winterfell?

Winter began on the full moon of that month, so they named the month in which the winter season began “Winterfilleth,” a name made up of “winter” and “full moon,” because winter began on the full moon of that month.” This is undoubtedly the source of inspiration for Winterfell u2013 for GRRM, it is simply another way of saying “Winter is coming.”

Are the 7 Kingdoms real?

On June 6, 2013, medieval defense walls surround the historical city of Dubrovnik, one of Croatia’s most southern tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast.

What is the biggest city in Westeros?

With a population of half a million, King’s Landing is the largest city in Westeros, founded by Aegon the Conqueror on the spot where he first set foot on the continent. It has been ruled by House Targaryen, House Baratheon, and now House Lannister.

What planet is Westeros on?

So, while the world of Westeros is unmistakably named Earth, just as Sandor Clegane is unmistakably named Sandor Clegane, Martin’s answer contains a caveat that prevents us from simply naming the Game of Thrones planet Earth.

What happened to house Glover?

Lord Glover refused to join the Army of the North at Winterfell, and they also failed to participate in the Battle of the Bastards, so their army is largely intact.

Is Skagos part of the North?

Skagos is a northern island located in the Shivering Sea off the north-eastern coast of Westeros, separated from the mainland by the Bay of Seals.

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How big is Winterfell the book?

Winterfell is a large stronghold that spans many acres of land and is defended by two layers of stone granite walls, the outer of which is 80 feet tall and the inner of which is 100 feet tall, with a wide moat in between.

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