How Long To Travel To Alpha Centauri?

How long will it take Voyager to reach Alpha Centauri?

70,000 years

How long would it take to travel 4 light years?

There are 6 trillion miles in a light-year (approximately), so the distance we need to go is 6 trillion miles / light-year times 4 light-years, or 24 trillion miles. So, this trip would take 1.2 billion hours. There are 24 hours a day and 365.25 days per year, so this time in years is 137 thousand years.

How fast can we travel in space with current technology?

For comparison, the Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched back in 1977, is currently traveling at about 38,000 mph (61,000 km/h), according to NASA — less than 10 percent of the Parker Solar Probe’s peak speed.

Can we go to Alpha Centauri?

Although Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system to us, it still lies roughly 4.37 light-years away. For instance, at the space shuttle’s maximum speed of about 17,600 mph, it would have taken roughly 165,000 years to reach Alpha Centauri.

How long will it take Voyager 1 to travel a light year?

A light-year is 9.5 trillion kilometers. By division, that means it’s going to take Voyager 17,720 years to travel ONE light year. That’s 80,000 years to reach Alpha Centauri, 4.5 light years away.

How long will it take to travel 31 light years?

If you travelled the fastest humans ever travelled, that’s 40,000 km/hr. It should then take you 279 trillion kms/40,000 km/hr= 6,975,000,000 hrs which translates to 796,232 years. Apart from that if you come up with something that can achieve speeds upto the speed of light then it will take you 31 years.Travel

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