How Much Is It To Travel To Greece?

Budget for a Greece vacation in total

Category Cost
Airfare $4,300
Accommodations $6,000
Transportation $1,000
Food $1,440

How much does the average trip to Greece cost?

It costs on average $1,274 per person for a 7-day vacation to the Greek Islands, $2,288 for a couple and $4,290 for a family of four to go to the Greek Islands. Hotels in the Greek Islands range in price from $50 to $226 per night, with an average of $87, although most vacation rentals will cost between $130 and $380 per night for the complete property, depending on the size.

Is Greece cheap to travel?

Greece is actually rather inexpensive. Greek food, glasses of wine, hostel dormitories, and public buses aren’t too costly, and you can get some pretty great accomodation for as little as 30-40 EUR per night (depending on where you stay). There are a variety of methods to save money in Greece without compromising on comfort or convenience.

How much does it cost for 2 people to go to Greece for a week?

Another point to consider is that the average hotel rate in Greece for a couple is €116 ($123). Consequently, a one-week trip to Greece for two persons costs on average €1722 ($1816) in total. Every one of these average travel prices has been compiled from the experiences of previous travelers to assist you in creating your own trip budget.

Is Greece cheaper than Italy?

However, the cost of living in Greece is a bit less expensive than in Italy, but the differences are not significant, especially outside of the major cities. Both Greece and Italy have some wonderful hotels and restaurants to offer its visitors and residents.

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Do they speak English in Greece?

Despite the fact that Greek is the official language of Greece and Athens, English is widely spoken throughout the city, so you should have no trouble communicating whilst in the city. English is commonly spoken in Greece, particularly in the more tourist-oriented areas of the country’s capital.

Is Greek expensive?

Many people assume that the expense of a trip to Greece is incredibly costly, largely because of all the coastal resorts and fancy boats that crop up on Instagram. The reality is, Greece is actually fairly inexpensive, especially compared to other European countries.

Is Greece safe?

OVERALL, THE RISK IS LOW. Greece is a highly safe nation to visit and to live in. It is unlikely that tourists would be subjected to crime or violence. The only thing to be concerned about is minor crime on the streets, but if you take the necessary precautions, your vacation should go without a hitch.

Is Greece expensive to live?

Greece’s cost of living is quite reasonable, especially when compared to North America and much of the rest of Europe. Prices for everyday necessities (food, transportation, and so on) are at least 20% less expensive in China than in the United States, and the cost of renting an apartment can be as much as 70% less expensive.

What is the cheapest country to travel to?

  1. Traveling to low-cost destinations Countries in and near Europe that are inexpensive include: the Baltic States, Romania, Georgia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, and Armenia.
  2. Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among the cheapest nations in Asia.
  3. Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, Cuba, and Bolivia are among the cheapest nations in the Americas.
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Is Greece worth visiting?

Is it worthwhile to travel to Greece? Greece is unquestionably a destination worth visiting! A wide range of landscapes may be found across the nation, from peaceful islands with ideal beaches to ancient monuments and a civilization that dates back thousands of years.

How long is flight Greece?

12 hours, 15 minutes

To: round-trip one-way
Get: vacation flight hotel car rental SEARCH

Is Greece more beautiful than Italy?

If you’re looking for a beach vacation, Greece is the place to go for sure. In comparison to Italy, it has far more beaches, which are typically more attractive and less crowded. As a bonus, there are more things to do on the beach in Greece, whether it’s dancing to music that a DJ is playing at 11 o’clock in the morning or diving into a shipwreck on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Is Greece hotter than Italy?

Temperatures in Athens, Greece, are virtually as high as those in the United States. Despite the fact that their average temperatures are close, the way Valletta and Athens experience the heat is rather different. In contrast to Athens, Valletta experiences extraordinarily mild winters and somewhat hotter summers than the rest of Europe. The most popular cities in Europe.

High °F 70.5
High °C 21.4
City Rome, Italy
Low °F 48.3
Low °C 9.1

Where do you fly into Greece?

The majority of foreign visitors arriving in Greece arrive at Athens International Airport, where they either catch a connecting flight to one of the Greek islands by plane or travel to one of the ports in Athens in order to travel to the islands by ferry. Athens International Airport serves as the primary gateway to the country.

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