How Safe Is It To Travel To Puerto Vallarta?

Although Puerto Vallarta is generally considered to be a fairly secure city, you should not assume that it is completely devoid of crime. It is not entirely without risk. It is recommended that tourists remain in populous regions, keep away from disadvantaged neighborhoods, and, if they must travel there, refrain from venturing out at night if they do so.

Is Cancun or Puerto Vallarta safer?

  • Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are both reasonably safe cities, however Puerto Vallarta has a lower rate of violent and property crime.
  • In recent years, Cancun has been in the news for a variety of unfavorable statistics, including a sharp rise in the city’s murder rate.
  • On the other hand, the administration there has taken measures to increase safety, particularly in regions frequented by tourists.

Are there any travel warnings for Puerto Vallarta?

  • Even if there are no travel advisories for Puerto Vallarta, you should still exercise caution when you are there because Mexico is still considered to be a developing nation.
  • Leaving valuables in the safe at your hotel, taking legitimate cabs or Ubers at night, and putting your phone away while you’re out and about on the cobblestone streets are some of the most effective methods to achieve this goal.

Is there crime in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

  • Even while crime is still a problem, the rate of violent crime is quite low, especially when compared to the rest of Mexico.
  • Doing research before migrating to a new nation is essential, as it is with everything else that is involved in the process.
  • One option available to you is to participate in the discussion taking place on Facebook under the group titled ″Puerto Vallarta: Everything You Need or Want to Know,″ which now has more than 49,000 members.
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Is Puerto Vallarta safe to travel in 2021?

  • Is Puerto Vallarta safe for tourism in 2021?
  • Puerto Vallarta, which is located in the state of Jalisco on the Pacific coast of Mexico, is widely regarded as the premier destination for coastal and beach-ready resorts on the western coast of Mexico.
  • There are some of the best restaurants in the world, a lovely old town, beaches and institutions that welcome LGBT people, and a whole lot of sea.

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