How To Astral Travel While Awake?

  • Traveling the Astral Plane While Awake If you want to be more actively involved in your soul’s travels across the Universe, you may teach yourself to astral travel intentionally by encouraging your soul to leave your body.
  • This will allow you to participate in your soul’s journeys in a more direct manner.
  • Particularly during meditations done right before going to bed or when one is lying down.

How to astral travel?

  • Therefore, calm your thoughts and loosen up all of your muscles.
  • Meditation and controlling one’s breathing are two practices that are very necessary for astral flight.
  • Direct your complete conscious attention away from the present location of your body.
  • You should concentrate your thoughts on the goal of having an out-of-body experience while you are lying down.
  • Keep mentally repeating the purpose to yourself in complete silence.

(such as ″I shall have an astral projection experience″)

How to do Astral Projection?

This phase is absolutely necessary for successful astral projection. To achieve this condition, one must first close their eyes and then let their thoughts to travel to a certain region of their body, such as their foot. Maintain your concentration on the foot until you can see it in its entirety.

Why do I Wake Up Tired after Astral Projection?

  • It is likely that if you experience a lengthy astral projection that is also very vivid and full of activity that you may wake up exhausted.
  • There is always a sliver of a possibility that you may run across something terrifying.
  • When you journey to the astral plane, you could experience sleep paralysis or terrifyingly genuine and lifelike sights.
  • You might even be persuaded that what you are seeing is actually happening.
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What happens to your body during an astral project?

When a person is getting close to having an astral projection, the vibrations in their body will begin to reach their highest point. The initial feeling of vibration isn’t particularly strong, but as time passes, you’ll notice that it’s becoming stronger all the time. 2. There is a quickening of the pace of the heartbeat

Is it possible to prevent astral travel?

  • Because your pre-birth contract stipulated that you would experience unconscious astral travel in some form, there is nothing you can do as a physical person to stop yourself from traveling to other dimensions when you are asleep.
  • Therefore, if you get the feeling that your soul may be leaving your body at night to acquire lessons and meet with other souls, you should not discount the possibility that this is actually taking place.

Can the soul leave the body in astral travel?

Therefore, it is possible for the soul to leave the body through a process known as astral travel, and there are two ways in which the soul might leave the body: while awake or while dreaming. You may practice getting the soul to leave the body and return through visualization when awake during meditation or a shamanic adventure. This can be done in either of these states.

Why do I Wake Up Tired after Astral Projection?

It is probable that if you experience long, vivid and vigorous astral projection, you might wake up fatigued. There is always a slight probability of encountering something terrifying. Astral travel could entail either sleep paralysis or vivid and horrifying sights, you may be sure that what you see is genuine.

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Do you travel astrally in your dreams?

Numerous individuals have unknowingly experienced astral travel while in the midst of a dream state. An AT dream episode often goes something like this: you experience a dream in which you are participating in a gathering with a large group of individuals, some of whom you may or may not have known previously, and ideas are being discussed.

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