How To Install Anti Sway Bars On A Travel Trailer?

Place the socket of the sway bar over the sway control ball that is located on the hitch, and then attach and secure it. The body of the sway control arm should be adjusted, and then it should be attached to the sway control ball that is located on the tongue ball plate. Adjust the sway bar control so that it is as tight as the manufacturer specifies.

How to install a travel trailer sway bar?

  • First, get the vehicle that will be pulling you ready.
  • During the installation of the travel trailer sway bar, it is important to make sure that your tow vehicle is parked on a level and stable surface.
  • Put wheel chocks under the wheels to stop it from rolling.

Put both the regular brakes and the parking brakes on.A helpful hint for making the installation process go more smoothly is to lift your vehicle before beginning work.Step 2: Take off the end links from the automobile.

What are anti-sway bars on a trailer?

Anti-sway bars are typically attached to a weight distribution hitch in order to prevent the hitch from becoming unstable. These are the bars that provide the trailer with the necessary level of stability. They prevent it from wobbling by shifting the weight to the trailer’s rear axle, which is also located in the back of the trailer itself.

How to choose the best sway control system for your travel trailer?

A dual-cam sway control system, for instance, is going to be your best option if you have a huge travel trailer that requires a long-pull vehicle to draw it. Electronic sway control systems, friction sway control bars, two-point sway control bars, and four-point sway control bars are a few more common choices. In terms of the equipment, you will require a ratchet as well as a torx bit.

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How do you stop a trailer hitch from swaying?

Installing anti-sway bars on the hitch or suspension system will stabilize the vehicle and cut down on the amount of motion it experiences. This is the long-term solution to the problem. Things improve dramatically after the anti-sway bars are installed. Friction sway devices have the potential to assist lessen the impacts that are brought on by sudden turns and gusts of wind.

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