How To Travel With Cremated Remains?

There are no regulations regarding the transportation of cremated remains. If you are planning to transport cremated remains via airline, you have the option of either carrying them on board with you as carry-on luggage or checking them as regular luggage.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to transport cremated remains onboard an airplane in either their carry-on luggage or their checked luggage for domestic flights.You are required to have with you a copy of the death certificate as well as a copy of the Disposition Permit, which you will obtain from our office when you pick up the cremated remains of the deceased person.

How to ship a cremated remains?

The cremated ashes have to be packaged in a container that consists of two boxes: an inner box and an outer box. You need to put filler in the box in order to minimize the movement of the urn and ashes while they are being shipped. The boxes that the United States Postal Service uses for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express count as outer boxes.

Can TSA open a cremated body in a container?

Even if a passenger makes a request for the TSA officer to open a container that contains cremated remains, the TSA officer will not do so since they have been trained to handle the possessions of all travelers with care and respect. We have a team of TSA professionals who are ready to respond to your inquiries and can be reached through Facebook Messenger or Twitter at the @AskTSA handle.

How do you transport a cremation urn?

You may purchase an affordable package that comes with a temporary cremation urn, or many funeral homes will supply a straightforward cardboard box for you to use while transporting the cremains in the interim. Many travel urns come with an optional engraved identifying plate that may be purchased separately in case the urn becomes lost.

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