I Want To Be A Travel Agent Where Do I Start?

The most common way to start as a travel agent is to find work with a travel agency and train on the job.

A good general standard of education would be helpful, including some GCSEs (A-C).

Employers will want to see that you are enthusiastic, and have the right personal qualities for the job.

How do I get started as a travel agent?

How to Become a Travel Agent

  • Decide on What Type of Travel Agent to Be.
  • Education: Certificate and/or College Degree.
  • Determine Your Preferred Work Environment and Gain Experience.
  • Get Continuing Education and Consider Certification.

Why do you want to become a travel agent?

1) You have a passion for travel AND helping othersRather, a much better reason to become a travel agent is to channel your passion for travel in the direction of sharing whatever life changing results you have realized through travel to others.

Is it worth becoming a travel agent?

Being a travel agent is essentially a sales job. If you are interested in travel are good at logistics and enjoy sales, then you will probably be a good travel agent. Your commission will ensure you a decent salary but nothing spectacular. In most travel agencies there are limited opertunities for advancement.

How much does it cost to be a travel agent?

1. Non-Franchise Travel Agency Startup Costs: For travel agents who are hosted, have their own accreditation or were aligned with a consortium, the average startup cost was $1,563. The range of travel agency start ups costs for agents with a host agency was $0-$15,000.Travel

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