Is Druid Travel Form As Fast As A Mount?

Druid travel form is mount speed when outside of combat.

It is 140% speed when you shift into travel form during combat or in BG/arena.

Travel form does not acquire the 10% guild perk buff.

If you are traveling long distances – mount is faster.

Is travel form faster than cat form?

Travel form gives you 40% speed increase and you cannot use any spells in the form. Cat form gives you 30% speed with talent in feral and uses cat abilities.

Can you ride a druid in travel form?

Unlike a mount, which players cannot use while in combat, a druid is able to shift into travel form while fighting either a mob or another player if they choose to.

Do Druids need to buy riding skill?

Though i suppose if he is a druid then he would never have gone to that guy to learn the skill. Learning flight form at lvl 68 gives you 225 riding skill ( but you can’t use flying mounts since you need lvl 70 ), to buy 300 riding skill ( for 280% flying mount ), you need to go to shadowmoon.

How fast is travel form classic?

+40% movement speed is a massive boost at level 30, compared to a max of +30% with cat form and both talent points in Feral Swiftness at level 22+. This is the fastest you can go until level 40 and you get your mount.Travel

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