Is It Safe To Travel To Afghanistan?

Is it safe to travel to Afghanistan now?

WARNING: No part of Afghanistan should be considered immune from violence, and the rare potential exists throughout the country for hostile acts, either targeted or random, against US and other Western nationals at any time. However, most areas are now very safe (except Wuristan, Kabul, and the Khyber Pass).

Is Afghanistan safe 2020?

Afghanistan is not safe for travel, and westerners as well as other tourists can easily be targeted and become victims of hostile acts, sometimes even in a random terrorist attack. However, there are areas that are now considered to be safe but are still not recommended as tourist destinations.

Can US citizens go to Afghanistan?

Passport and Visas: U.S.Citizens must have a valid passport and Afghan visa to enter and exit Afghanistan. Travelers arriving without a valid visa are subjected to deportation or confiscation of their passport and heavy fines. Visit the website of the Embassy of Afghanistan for the most current visa information.

Is it safe to travel to Afghanistan from India?

It is possible to be (relatively) safe in Afghanistan. The locals are often among the most friendly and genuine people you may meet in the world, and there are places where it can be quite secure.Travel

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