Is It Safe To Travel To Tel Aviv?

Is Tel Aviv safe for tourists?

Tel Aviv sees millions of visitors a year, and the police and military forces know how to keep them safe.

Tel Aviv in general is extremely “street-safe,” and is a ‘walking and cycling friendly city compared to most major world cities as is most of Israel.

Women especially will feel comfortable even alone.

Is it safe to travel to Israel in 2020?

2020 Update: That’s especially true as tensions increase in the Middle East and Israel continues to experience internal turmoil after a contentious election. However, the State Department has not issued new travel advisories for Israel, and it’s business as usual for the country’s tourism industry.

Is it safe to travel to Israel in 2019?

It is rare for instability in the region to have any impact on everyday life in most of Israel, even more so for tourists, and in general Israel is a safe place to visit, where statistically you are more likely to be affected by traffic accidents, as anywhere, than war or terrorism.

When should you not go to Israel?

Other times to avoid are The last 10 days of December, Easter, Passover and July and August. To avoid heat, don’t go in July and August, even early September (and in September you often have holidays to worry about).Travel

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