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FIFA 18 Guide PS4 Xbox One PC – Tips and Tricks to Become the Ultimate FIFA 18 Player

Hunter Returns, a continuation of the Alex Hunter story from FIFA 17, returns this year with FIFA 18 The Journey. In this walkthrough, we explain what your choices mean and provide some general tips and tricks to ensure you unlock all of the rewards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Overview

The Journey: Hunter Returns in FIFA 18 is all about making big decisions, with the majority of the mode based on how well you play and what kind of personality you choose. We go over all of the options and the rewards you can earn.

What is FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns?

FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns is a story-driven mode that follows Alex Hunter, who returns from FIFA 17 after winning the FA Cup, as he plays matches, trains, chats with friends, and makes important decisions.

What Teams can you Play for in FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns?

Starting with the club you played for in FIFA 17, FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns allows you to play for at least two more clubs by the end of the story.

Do you Only Play as Alex Hunter in FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns?

In The Journey – Hunter Returns, you can play as Alex Hunter or take command of the entire team he plays for, as well as two other players who play key roles in the story. It’s all part of a new experience called The Journey: Hunter Returns.

How Long is FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns?

The Journey – Hunter Returns in FIFA 18 takes a long time to complete; it can take up to 20 hours to complete the entire season. You can speed up the game by skipping an optional part of the story in Chapter 5 and simulating training sessions.

Can you Fail in FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns?

In The Journey – Hunter Returns, you can fail, but this only results in a screen telling you to reload a previous save; if you’re sent to another team, it’s not because of your performance, but because it’s part of the story.

FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough

Here, we’ll look at some of the game’s most important features and how to get the most out of it.

Should you Play as Hunter or the Whole Team in FIFA 18 The Journey?

You can play as the entire team rather than just Alex Hunter in The Journey: Hunter Returns, which has advantages such as not having to rely on the AI to create chances and score goals, but the big disadvantage is that you’ll struggle to earn high ratings for Hunter when you’re playing as other players.

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Fiery and Cool Responses in FIFA 18 The Journey Aren’t as Important as you Might Think

Your choice of fiery, balanced, or cool responses to interview questions affects your popularity in-game; if you’re arrogant and hotheaded, you’ll become a fan favorite and earn sponsorship deals; if you’re a team player, you’ll rank highly in the manager’s books.

How to Level up Alex Hunter During FIFA 18 The Journey

Training sessions are meant to contribute to how the manager sees you, and if you simulate a training session, you’ll be lucky to earn more than a C-rating. It’s fairly easy to earn an A-rating on most of the drills.

How to Earn High Ratings in FIFA 18 The Journey

To get high ratings in FIFA 18: The Journey, you must play well and be involved; goals and assists will easily put you in the 9.0 or higher category; don’t spam the through ball button because poorly timed passes will cost you points; and don’t shoot from 40 yards.

FIFA 18 The Journey – Key Choices, Objectives and Rewards

In FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns, you’ll make a series of decisions that will affect the game’s progression, most of which are character and club-related and have an impact on how the game plays out. Read on to learn about all of the player’s options and how they affect the game.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices – Chapter 1

An imported Hunter will start with better stats, and you’ll be asked if you’re ready to go or if you need a refresher at the start of training; choose ready-go unless you’re not sure what you’re doing.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices – Chapter 2

You cannot sign for Real Madrid in FIFA 18. Michael has been played, and there is nothing you can do to prevent the transfer. You can either fire Michael or keep him as your agent, but if you do, you will never see him again.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices – Chapter 3

In FIFA 18, you can meet Thierry Henry for the first time, invite him to a game, or stay friends. The Journey in FIFA 18: The Journey is now available on pre-hardware and PC versions of the game.

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FIFA 18 The Journey Choices – Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of The Journey, you have the option of signing for one of three major European clubs: Atletico Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, or Bayern Munich. You will spend a significant amount of time playing as this club, so choose wisely.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices – Chapter 5

You’ll be asked to choose a strike partner as one of the club’s big new signings, and whichever player you choose will be the one with whom you form a partnership. If you get injured in Chapter 5 of The Journey, you can choose to take over as Danny and save his career.

FIFA 18 The Journey Choices – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of FIFA 18: The Journey focuses on winning the league and cup, as well as gaining access to Alex Hunter in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Each chapter has a number of objectives that will reward you with bonuses, some of which are hidden and can only be won on Pro or harder difficulty.

FIFA 18 The Journey Objectives – Chapter 1

End of Chapter 1 Rewards: 1x Real Madrid loan player card and 1x MLS loan player card for each player with a Match Rating of 8.0 in the 11v11 training match. Take at least 10 shots on target on the pre-season tour.

How long is FIFA 18 journey?

How long does The Journey take? – The Journey should take no more than 20 hours to complete, which includes performing each training session and match manually without using any simulations and completing the longest possible story arc. It should be completed by the end of the season, which should be in late May at the latest.

Can you pause journey?

Journey Builder does not create new sends after a journey is paused, and contacts processed by Journey Builder and queued for sending are not paused. Journeys can be paused for up to 14 days in 1-day increments.

Is there the journey in FIFA 18?

FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns is a story-driven mode in FIFA 18. It follows Hunter’s second season as a professional footballer, and it features him playing matches, training, talking to friends, and making important decisions.

How do you save and quit Godfall?

All you have to do is finish your mission, return to The Sanctum, pause the game, and select ‘Quit Game,’ which will save your progress. Unfortunately, you cannot save while in the middle of a mission, as doing so will send you back to the beginning or The Sanctum.

What happens if you fire Michael FIFA 18?

Fire Michael or keep him on – this is the chapter’s most important decision; firing Michael means he’ll never return, whereas keeping him means he’ll stay as your agent for the rest of the game and occasionally appear in the story.

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Should I side with Ringo or Michael?

When playing as Danny, you’ll have to choose between Michael and Ringo; we recommend choosing Michael, though to be honest, things still don’t go well for Danny. In the 1v1, you’ll have to decide whether to play as Alex or Kim; it doesn’t really make a difference here, so go with your gut.

Can Journey be saved?

Journey does not have a Save and Quit option, nor does it have a manual save option, so if you don’t want to lose your progress, finish the current level and wait for the game to save before exiting.

How many levels are in Journey?

Journey is divided into eight chapters, each of which takes a different amount of time to complete; on average, a standard playthrough with an average amount of exploration takes about two hours.

How do you fly in Journey?

To stick to Fancy Flying techniques performed on the ground or against a wall, you must continuously press and hold the jump button down.

How much GB is FIFA 18?

The Xbox One version of FIFA 18 is around 43.56GB, the PS4 version is around 41GB, and the PC version is close to 40GB.

How good is FIFA 18?

VERDICT. FIFA 18 is a fantastic game that is light years ahead of its predecessors and continues EA’s dominance over its competitors. With significant improvements across the board, this is the game FIFA fans have been waiting for for the past five years.

Does God fall autosave?

Godfall, unfortunately, lacks a manual save option; you can’t simply select a save option from the menu or from within the game’s world to save your progress; instead, the game employs an auto-save system that saves your progress at regular intervals.

What is the best Valorplate in Godfall?

The Best Godfall Valorplates – Hinterclaw Hinterclaw, like Armistice, is a DPS-focused Valorplate that scales in damage as foes are slain.

How do I quit a game on PS5?

To only exit the game, press and hold the PS button, which will take you to the main menu from within the game. Another way to close a game is to get on top of it in the main PS5 window, then press the “Options” button on the remote to see the game’s drop-down menu, from which we select “Close game.”

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