Question: How To Remove Dodge Journey Spare Tire?

Fix a Flat Tire: Dodge Journey (2009-2019) 2010 Dodge Journey SXT 3.5L V6

Before attempting to fix a flat tire, make sure you are in a safe area that is level and free of traffic. The best way to avoid injury is to never get under your vehicle while it is jacked up.

Where is the spare tire in a 2017 Dodge Journey?

The 2017 Dodge Journey does have a standard spare tire, and it’s easy to find. First, go to the back of the vehicle and crouch down. Look below the undercarriage, and you’ll see the spare tire, which is secured to the frame with a cable winch.

Does a Dodge Journey have a spare tire?

The Dodge Journey, thankfully, comes with a spare tire, which you can see if you bend down and look under the back of the vehicle; however, don’t be alarmed; to release the tire, you’ll need to unscrew it from the cargo area of the vehicle.

Where is the jack on a 2016 Dodge Journey?

The jack and jack-handle are stowed beneath a cover in the cargo area’s rear storage bin, while the spare tire is stowed beneath the vehicle’s rear and held in place by a cable winch mechanism.

How do you get a spare tire off without a tool?

Following these steps makes removing a spare tire without the use of a factory tool simple:

  1. Pull the guide tube off the truck.
  2. With pliers, extract the key.
  3. Insert the crank into the new hole.
  4. Turn the crank counterclockwise to lower the tire.

Where is the spare tire on a 2018 Dodge Durango?

Dodge Durango The spare tire is stowed under the rear of the vehicle by a cable winch mechanism; to remove or stow the spare, rotate the “spare tire drive” nut with the jack handle/lug wrench connected to the square socket extension.

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