Question: Journey Map How To Fill In?

Journey Mapping 101

Journey maps are a common UX tool that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats. This article covers the fundamentals of what a journey map is (and isn’t), as well as when to create customer journey maps, the 5-step process, and journey mapping in practice.

Definition of a Journey Map

A journey map is a visual representation of the steps a person takes to achieve a goal. Most journey maps have the same structure: a user, a specific scenario, and corresponding expectations or goals at the top, and takeaways: opportunities, insights, and internal ownership at the bottom.

Key Components of a Journey Map

The actor is who the journey map is about u2014 a point of view. Scenarios can be real (for existing products and services) or anticipated (for products in the design stage). Actions are the actual behaviors and steps taken by users. Mindsets are the thoughts, questions, and motivators that users have.

Journey-Map Variations

Use these definitions to aid your understanding of journey mapping; instead of debating or attempting to change an entire organization’s language to comply with the definitions stated here, use them to point you in the direction of aspects of another method that your team has not previously considered.

Journey Map vs. Experience Map

Imagine a world before the ridesharing market existed, and we could use that experience map to isolate pain points in the ridesharing industry.

Journey Map vs. Service Blueprint

Service blueprints are similar to customer journey maps in that they visualize the relationships between different service components at various touchpoints in a customer journey. Examples of service blueprints include matching the user to a driver, contacting the driver, calculating fares, and so on.

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Journey Map vs. User Story Map

In Agile, user stories are used to plan features or functionalities, and they are written down to a brief description from the perspective of the user. In a user story map, these features are written on sticky notes, then arranged based on the product release to which each functionality will be added.

Why Use Journey Maps

The process of creating a map forces conversation and an aligned mental model for the entire team, and they can also become the basis for decision-making as the team moves forward.


Learn more about journey mapping in our course Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs. Journey mapping is a process that provides a holistic view of the customer experience. When done correctly, it reveals opportunities to address customers’ pain points and eliminate fragmentation.

What are the 7 steps to map the customer journey?

In 7 Easy Steps, Create A Customer Journey Map

  1. Step 1: Determine your goals.
  2. Step 2: Develop buyer personas.
  3. Step 3: Determine motivations and pain points.
  4. Step 4: Create a buyer’s journey map.
  5. Step 5: Maximize your touchpoints.
  6. Step 6: Identify your Moments of Truth.
  7. Step 7: Revise.

What are the steps in the customer journey?

Define the steps. Create a sequence of major steps the customer takes from awareness to post-purchase. The steps are more finely grained segments to describe the sequences through the journey.

How do you present a customer journey map?

How should customer journey maps be presented?

  1. 1 Establish presentation goals.
  2. 2 Recognize the needs of your audience. 2.1 Preparation tips.
  3. 3 Different types of presentations.
  4. 4 Effective storytelling. 4.1 Storytelling tips.
  5. 5 Presentation software tips.
  6. 6 Collaborate with participants.
  7. 7 Conclusion.
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How does a customer journey map work?

A journey map lays out all of your customer’s interactions with your brand, from the first time they heard of you through social media or brand advertising to their direct interactions with your product, website, or support team, and includes all of the actions your customer takes to complete an objective across all of these touchpoints.

What is a touchpoint in customer journey map?

The act of outlining each interaction a customer may have with your brand is known as touchpoint mapping, and it involves looking at each step of the buyer’s journey and identifying the points where customers come into contact with or experience your brand.

How do you identify customer journey?

How to Make an In-Depth Customer Journey Map

  1. Understanding who your customers are is the first step in creating a journey map.
  2. Understand your buyer’s goals.
  3. Map out buyer touchpoints.
  4. Identify customer pain points.
  5. Prioritize and Fix Roadblocks.
  6. Update and Improve.

What is the first step in mapping the customer journey?

Customer Journey Mapping in 6 Steps

  1. 1) Determine, list, and outline all existing branded touchpoints. 2) Determine your target customer persona. 3) Determine your customers’ objectives. 4) Visualize and map out the customer’s interaction flow.

What are the four pillars to create a customer journey?

We recommend addressing your preparations in four main areas before you start mapping your journey: audience, data, content, and channel, which we go over in this unit. These pillars support your overall goal; address each of these areas before you start mapping your journey.

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What is the ideal customer journey?

What is the ideal customer journey? It is the journey you want your customer to take through your buying process in order to become a customer at the end. Essentially, this means bringing the visual representation of the marketing and sales funnel to life.

What are the benefits of customer journey mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping’s Top 5 Advantages

  • Customer journey maps also reveal where gaps in service or communications may exist.
  • Reduced costs. Brands that use customer journey maps also reduce costs.
  • Increased sales.
  • Greater customer and employee satisfaction.

What is the purpose of journey mapping?

The process of creating a visual representation of customers’ processes, needs, and perceptions throughout their interaction and relationship with an organization is known as journey mapping, and it aids in understanding the steps customers take u2013 the ones you see and the ones you don’t u2013 when interacting with your company.

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