Quick Answer: Enrique’s Journey How Does Enrique Interact With Others?


Enrique is the protagonist of this nonfiction story, and he travels from Honduras to the United States to find his mother. Rebuilding his relationship with his mother is difficult, but he perseveres, and he eventually sends for his girlfriend Maria Isabel, the mother of his young daughter.

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Enrique’s journey demonstrates how illegal immigration has become a business, with money becoming increasingly important to his survival as he gets closer to the US border. Near the border, the immigration “economy” becomes more formal, with the more powerful extracting money from the less powerful.

How does Enrique change throughout the story?

He becomes increasingly determined to reunite with his mother as he grows older, and he demonstrates emotional and physical strength on his journey that will aid him when he arrives in the United States. Rebuilding his relationship with his mother proves difficult, but he perseveres.

What are the different emotions that Enrique goes through after his mother has left him?

Enrique is relieved to be with his mother, but his complicated feelings of abandonment and anger soon surface, and he and his mother begin to argue, resulting in a tense relationship.

What challenges does Enrique face on his journey?

Enrique has to ride on top of trains for much of his seven journeys/attempts through Mexico because he is confronted with banditos, gangs, corrupt police forces, and immigration officers.

How old is Enrique when he meets his mom?

ABOUT THE BOOK Enrique is only five years old when his mother, Lourdes, abandons him and his sister, Belky, in Honduras so she can work in the United States.

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Why does Enrique turn to drugs for comfort?

He is frustrated by his mother and has many abandonment issues; additionally, a beloved uncle dies, causing him much distress, and he turns to drugs for comfort. Enrique and Belky accept the gifts, but they will never be enough in comparison to their mother’s presence.

What does Enrique expect from his mother once he has found her?

His mother left without telling him when he was very young, and he grew up without her. What does “becomes the quest for the Holy Grail” mean? These children are trying to find something that is extremely difficult to find, if not impossible, and they expect it to be perfect when they find it.

Who is the girl left behind in Enrique’s Journey?

Maria Isabel is Enrique’s girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, Jasmin; she adores him and is heartbroken when he decides to leave in search of his mother; after giving birth to Jasmin, she works hard to care for her and develops a strong bond with her.

What is the significance of the title Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s Journey is a non-fiction account of a 17-year-old boy’s struggle to travel across Mexico to the United States to reunite with his mother, as the title suggests.

Why did boy leave behind?

Enrique is abandoned for the second time by his father, and he has been separated from his sister since their mother’s departure, causing emotional problems for Belky, who has doubts about her own self-worth, and for Enrique, who as a result of his loss becomes easily attached to parental figures.

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What happens in Chapter 7 of Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique’s drinking and marijuana use increases as he goes out every day after work to drink and play pool, as well as sneaking paint home from work and sniffing it, and calling Mara Isabel less frequently, despite his assurances that he will bring her north in a year.

How long was Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique attempts to cross Mexico eight times, covering 12,000 miles in 122 days.

Where is Enrique from Enrique’s Journey?

It is the true story of Enrique, a Honduran adolescent who embarks on a perilous journey to find his mother, who had no choice but to abandon him as a child and flee to the United States in search of work.

Who gains custody of Enrique in Enrique’s Journey?

Enrique is entrusted to his father, Luis, for two years, after his mother has been separated from him for three years.

Who does Enrique live with?

Enrique is entrusted to his father, Luis, for two years, after his mother had been separated from him for three years, and he clings to his daddy, who adores him. His father, a bricklayer, takes Enrique to work and lets him help mix mortar, and they live with Enrique’s grandmother.

Who is Father in Enrique’s Journey?

After his grandmother kicks him out of the house, Enrique’s father, Luis, takes him in, but their relationship is short-lived, as Luis finds another woman and leaves Enrique to start a new family.

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