Quick Answer: How To Know Which Chapter Select Is Which In Journey?

Chapter Select (CS)

The Wiki intends to describe every little detail and background knowledge (as soon as it becomes available and verified). Detailed help for Trophies, Glyphs, and Symbols is given under that headline, while the Sections section will only contain hints.


Select is the level where you begin your journey; explore as much as you like until you reach the gate at the end of the level; the camera will frequently move to show ruins or give a hint as to where you should go.

The Graveyard[]

The game begins with “the camera” flying over a desert, zooming in at the end to reveal your character/figure; once you move the camera (with sixaxis: move the controller is also possible), you will stand up and be able to begin exploring.

The Hub[]

The game will show which button to press to release a chirp, and once the sound(bubble) reaches the banners, they will vanish. Is located in a pit, with a circle of buildings and a platform in the middle, and a gate to the north. On the platform are 4 Banners, and the game will show which button to press to release a chirp.

Command Central![]

Warning: If you convince a friend to play Journey on your account, either delete or backup (that doesn’t work on the Epic Games version) your save files, or just make sure your friend doesn’t walk into the chapter select buildings.

Checking Glyphs / Symbols found, choosing a level:[]

Choose a level: After completing your first Journey and beginning a new one, you will be able to start from any level (except Paradise). This will, of course, shorten your Journey. Check which glyphs you’ve found:. Enter a chapter select building but don’t walk into the light circle. Some chapter selection buildings include Sunken City, Underground, and Tower.

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The end of the level[]

Before activating the Shrine to receive the vision aka History Lesson, you must pass through the gate to the long corridor behind it. At the bottom of the statue are three squares with symbols on them; if they are not lit up, it means you missed that symbol in the level.


After your first Journey, you can choose to go to the Hub area via the menu at any time (Chapter selecting can have unintended consequences), and you can also choose to restart the Paradise level after spending a certain amount of time in the game’s main hub area.


Select “Chapter Select” and your progress will be lost; the very first symbol will be available, and the cutscene for receiving your scarf will play; however, your scarf will not grow any longer.


The first is on the platform with the broken statue right after the title screen hill, and the other two are on a ledge near the left side of the left-hand side pillar and around the platform in the Hub.


It turns out to be a Broken Bridge collection wall, as the chapter lacks a full chapter select building and instead has a collection of icons and glyphs.


The chapter select area is nearly identical to the top of the Tower level later in the game, with the exception that the Tower’s end-level shrine is located before, rather than across, the bridge. Spoilers end here.

How do you select chapters in journey?

On this version, you can access the menu right after the intro (flying over the desert) by selecting “Chapter Select.” It will ask you to confirm before losing your progress.

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Does Carto select chapter?

Fortunately, once you’ve completed the game, you can choose which chapter to begin with, so you won’t have to replay the entire game if you miss something.

Is there Chapter Select in rime?

griffinwest98 20. Press options, then hold left on the dpad while pressing L1 five times to select a chapter.

Who is the companion in Journey?

Companion is the term for a Wayfarer who travels with you and is possibly the most important part of Journey. While exploring the world of Journey, the player may encounter other players who are similar to them, known as Companions, who can help but cannot hinder them on their journey.

How many levels are there in Journey?

Journey is divided into eight chapters, each of which takes a different amount of time to complete; on average, a standard playthrough with an average amount of exploration takes about two hours.

How do you save Carto?

Click the Kepler’s Cloud Storage button to save the edited map. To save your edits as a new map in CARTO, click Save As, then enter a new title and/or description and click Save. To overwrite your existing map in CARTO, click Save.

Where can I find sheep in Carto?

Bring the three sheep to the boy (one on each map piece with the snowy flowers), and after you’ve gathered all three, he’ll mention a fourth sheep, who is in her secret spot, which you can find by arranging the’snowy flower’ pieces so that they’re all facing an empty spot in the middle.

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How do you select a chapter in tlou2?

To replay chapters in The Last of Us 2, go to the story section of the main menu and look for another option labeled “chapters” below the “new game” and “load game” options. From there, players can choose which chapter they want to replay.

How does Chapter Select work in ff7r?

After selecting a chapter, you will be asked which difficulty you want to play it on. Your characters’ level, equipment, and materia will be carried over, allowing you to power through FF7 Remake’s version of New Game.

How does Chapter Select work in tlou2?

All collectibles are available again, and the ones you already collected previously have a simple tag on them, indicating that you have already found them.

How do you sit down in Journey?

To sit, press the menu button, enter on the keyboard, or activate the screensaver and moving camera (see the How to play guide for Journey#Controls). Your Companion may also sit down.

Can you play Journey without PS+?

Artemis: Journey on PS4 does not require PS Plus as of 2019-10-29.

Can you choose who you play Journey with?

Although the game is designed for random encounters with an unknown friend, there are ways to travel with a specific person: choose a friend, someone from the in-game meetings channel on Discord, or someone you’ve previously played with.

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