Quick Answer: How To Tell If God Pack Journey Into Nyx?

Journey into Nyx

The 64th Magic expansion, Journey into Nyx, was released in May 2014. It is the third and final set in the Theros block, with 165 cards (60 commons, 60 uncommons, 35 rares, and 10 mythic rares).

Set details[]

The top-down design of Journey into Nyx is inspired by ancient Greek mythology, and 59 of the set’s 165 cards have the “enchantment matters” theme. The set contains 165 cards (60 Common, 60 Uncommon, 35 Rare, and 10 Mythic).

Flavor and storyline[]

Elspeth travels to Nyx and kills Xenagos in the first part, but Heliod kills her because he is afraid of her power.


Journey into Nyx is available in 16-card booster packs (one of which is a marketing card), five intro packs, one event deck, and a fat pack, with artwork by Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, Pharika, God of Affliction, and Cyclops of Eternal Fury on the boosters.

God packs[]

The 15 Gods of Theros, each with their own unique appearance and power levels, were seeded into Journey into Nyx boosters to be literally and figuratively “God Packs.”


Players forge a Godslayer based on a favorite color and receive a Seeded Prerelease Pack when they complete Quest 7 on the Hero’s Path at the Journey into Nyx Prerelease events. Three component stickers combine in specific ways to create one of seven different enhancements.

Launch Weekend[]

The first Friday Night Magic kicks off the festivities on May 2u20134, 2014. Players on the Hero’s Path come to their stores to solve a puzzle, with the winner receiving a copy of the Quest 8 Hero card (The Destined).

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Game Day[]

Players can use their Standard decks for the ninth quest on the Hero’s Path: Defeat a God on May 24u201325, 2014 Journey into Nyx Game Day, and three of the Hero cards they’ve collected, as well as the Godslayer forged at the Prerelease.


A token creature card can be the sixteenth card in each booster pack, with advertisements on the back, and the following named tokens were released with 0 Theros:.

Themes and mechanics[]

Enchantments with constellation abilities represent the divine constellations that fill the night sky, and spells with strive abilities allow you to pump more Mana into them to increase the number of targets.


Some cards are from the pre-Theros era, while others are from the Theros block mega cycle.


Common auras cost 1 colored mana and grant 1/1, and they can be sacrificed to destroy an artifact or enchantment during Journey into Nyx.

Intro packs[]

For players who want to take a different approach to the world of Nyx, Journey into Nyx offers five bicolored intro packs.

Event deck[]

Wrath of the Mortals is the only event deck in Journey into Nyx.


Journey into Nyx is a weekly, nonstop look at Wizards of the Coast’s Magic-related technology.

How rare is it to pull a god pack?

According to PokeGuardian, the upcoming Shiny Star V set will see the return of the epic items, though unlike before, the chances of finding such an epic pack will be 1 in 600, rather than the previous 1 in 250.

When was Journey Into Nyx?

Journey into Nyx is the third and final set in the Theros block, and it was released in May 2014 as the 64th Magic expansion.

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How common are Godpacks?

Packs like these are known as “god packs” in Magic the Gathering, and they’re extremely rare u2014 one pack out of every six to twenty booster box cases (statistics are hard to come by).

What is a MTG God Box?

Some Kaldheim draft booster boxes are “God Boxes,” which contain a god in each pack, which replaces the basic land (along with any rare/mythic cards already present).

How much is a God pack worth?

You get every God, current and future, for $29.99, which is the current price of the God Pack.

Is Pokemon shiny star V worth it?

Shiny Star V is just as good as Vivid Voltage for Pokemon TCG Online, and while these cards are great additions to existing decks, none of them, with the exception of Ditto VMAX, have the potential to start their own category of decks.

How did Xenagos become a god?

Mogis sent minotaurs against Akros, but they were defeated by an army led by Elspeth Tirel; however, the battle’s victory celebration became the ultimate ritual for launching Xenagos into Nyx as a god.

When did MTG origins come out?

On July 17, 2015, Magic Origins was released, telling the origin stories of five planeswalkers who will be featured in sets after Origins.

Who is God in Pokemon?

Arceus, a Legendary Poku00e9mon with the ability to create Legendary Poku00e9mon, is said to have designed Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, as well as Poku00e9mon’s lake guardians Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit.

Does MTG have God packs?

So Wizards of the Coast confirmed the existence of “God Packs,” which contain all 15 gods from the Theros block in a Journey into Nyx booster pack, which is a fantastic flavorful way to get players excited about Journey into Nyx!

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Are Pokemon packs random?

Each booster pack contains a random assortment of six common cards, three uncommon cards, and one rare card, as well as a parallel foil card and possibly a premium foil card among the assortment of ten cards. Each booster pack always contains at least one foil card!

How do you use God Box?

In the book, she suggests getting a box of some sort and writing down every worry, fear, or negative thought that comes to mind on a piece of paper and placing it in your box…then handing it over to God to figure out. Voila!

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