Readers ask: How Many Levels In Journey Of The Prarie King?

Journey of the Prairie King

Journey of the Prairie King is a SmashTV-style minigame found in Stardrop Saloon, and beating it earns the player a Prairie King Arcade System. During her 2-Heart Event, Abigail also has a console version of the game.

Gameplay Mechanics

Journey of the Prairie King is a top-down shooter in the style of “twin-stick” shooters like “Smash TV,” in which the player starts with four lives and is killed instantly when they come into contact with an enemy or projectile. Enemies drop power-ups, coins, and extra lives when they are killed.

Items Dropped by Enemies

The Sheriff Badge combines the machine gun, shotgun, and coffee, while the Wagon Wheel allows the player to fire in eight directions at once. Screen Nuke instantly destroys all enemies on-screen; however, with maximum boots/gun upgrades, this power-up is only a minor benefit.


Vendor appears after certain levels have been completed, and three upgrades can be purchased with coins dropped by enemies. Picking up the shotgun power-up will not increase the bullet spread, but it will still reduce fire-rate, and it requires the purchase of all other gun and ammo upgrades before it will appear.


The Spikeball is an armored spikeball that kills the player on contact, whether deployed or undeployed. The Evil Butterfly, a flying enemy that can spawn anywhere on the perimeter and fly towards the player, can also fly over obstacles and is unaffected by Gopher power-ups, can spawn anywhere on the perimeter and fly towards the player.


Gophers may transport the player on a parade float after defeating a boss, and they draw enemies towards them, killing them on impact. Gophers do not harm the player and cannot be killed once they have crossed the screen.

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The player and the cowboy are separated by a ravine/river, which can only be crossed with a smoke bomb, in both of their fights with the cowboy. Fector is the final boss and is significantly more difficult than the Cowboy.


Stage 1 – Prairie, Stage 2 – Forest, Stage 3 – Graveyard, Stage 4 – Boss, Stage 5 – Area 6 – Themes for each stage.

Hard Mode

After completing Journey of the Prairie King, the player can restart in Hard Mode, where enemies spawn in greater numbers, some move faster, and extra lives drop far less frequently. Each time a harder mode is beaten, the player is given the option to restart, with the game becoming increasingly difficult.


After a boss is defeated, the music and health bar will continue to play until you reach the next boss; if the player dies (in which case the boss will despawn), the music will continue to play until you reach the next boss; if you leave the game while in the Gopher carrying sequence after defeating a boss, the boss will reappear on continuation.


You can replay the original difficulty after beating the game, even if you’ve already completed it; progress can now be saved and resumed, allowing the game to be completed in multiple sessions; and you can no longer instantly kill Fector as a Zombie while playing.

How long is the journey of the prairie king?

Lasts about 12 seconds and teleports the player to a random location on-screen while enemies stand still with question marks above their heads. Enemies will continue to spawn, building up inside the spawn zones.

How do you beat journey of the prairie king?

There are two main strategies for defeating him: get a weapon powerup like the heavy machine gun and simply shoot him until he dies, or move quickly from side to side while firing back at him if that is not an option.

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What happens if you win the game with Abigail?

Even if players lose Journey of the Prairie King, there is no way to gain or lose hearts from this event; the only difference between helping Abigail beat the level and getting a game over is the dialogue that occurs at the end of the event.

Does luck affect arcade games Stardew?

Is “Journey of the Prairie King” affected by luck? According to Wiki, “random elements of the game are not affected by luck.”

What happens if you beat Lewis in Junimo Kart?

Junimo Kart is a game that can be played on The Stardrop Saloon’s arcade machine, and if you complete all six levels of “Progress Mode,” a Junimo Kart Arcade System will be mailed to you the next day.

Can you play Journey of the prairie king with a friend?

Finishing “Journey of the Prairie King” in multiplayer is now possible thanks to the ability to save your progress and resume the game at a later time, allowing you to complete the game in multiple sessions.

Is Junimo kart affected by luck?

I couldn’t believe how brutal Junimo Cart was once I got access to it, so I did it all over again, albeit not as much fun or entertainment, but I pushed through. It took a lot less time because Junimo Cart is definitely more luck based than actual skill, but I still beat it.

Is Abigail the wizard’s daughter?

The most damning piece of evidence comes from the Wizard, who admits that one of Pelican Town’s residents could be his long-lost daughter; he never elaborates, but that comment, combined with his implied secret affair with Caroline, all but confirms the Wizard is Abigail’s biological father.

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What is Abigail’s Favourite gift?

Amethyst, banana pudding, blackberry cobbler, chocolate cake, pufferfish, pumpkin, and spicy eel are among Abigail’s favorite gifts in Stardew Valley; she prefers quarts and is neutral toward most foraged goods, including all mushrooms, daffodils, dandelions, ginger, hazelnut, leek, snow yam, and winter root.

Why does Abigail eat rocks?

Abigail’s only unique like in Stardew Valley is quartz, with universal likes including foraged minerals and all gems. This means that if you give Abigail quartz or a diamond, she’ll tell you it looks delicious, implying that Abigail eats rocks.

Does luck affect drops Stardew?

Luck is a statistic that has an impact on many aspects of the game, including geode drop rates and the chance of finding treasure while fishing.

Can you stack luck in Stardew Valley?

Because you can stack drinks with food, you can stack luck with Ginger ale (1 luck) and a food type that has a luck buff. In your example of spicy eel and coffee, the speed will stack – it will appear as two separate buffs at the top of the screen.

Does rabbit’s foot increase luck in Stardew?

Does a Rabbit’s Foot Increase Luck in Stardew Valley? The rabbit’s foot has no effect on your daily luck stat on its own, but it can be used to earn a permanent luck boost if you follow the clues for Secret Note #20, which will lead you to a truck outside of Joja Mart.

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