The __________ Travel(s) From The Subtropical High To The Equator.?

Which of the following is comparable between northern and southern hemisphere hurricanes?

High-pressure winds move toward a low-pressure area in a clockwise direction.

Which of the following is comparable between Northern and Southern Hemisphere hurricanes?

Winds are always deflected toward the left.

The winds travel from areas of low to high pressure.

Is the equator a high pressure area?

At the equator, the warm surface causes low pressure and rising air. At the poles, cold air produces high pressure and sinking air.

At what latitudes do the trade winds occur quizlet?

The trade winds are located between 0 degrees and 30 degrees latitude in both the northern and southern hemisphere. The trade winds are surface winds and blow towards the equator.

What weather conditions would you expect to find within the subtropical highs?

The descending air under subtropical highs warms and dries as it descends, resulting in generally sunny skies and dry weather. Cold air from the poles flows toward lower latitudes in order to complete the redistribution of the heat imbalance in the atmosphere.Travel

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