The Longest Journey How To Get Key In Subway?

Bug – Chapter 2 – Retrieving the Iron Key – The Problem and its Solution., page 1 – Forum –

When attempting to obtain the “Iron Key” that is stuck on the Metro Tracks in Chapter 2: “Through the Looking Glass,” there is a bug in which the Clamp-Rubber Duck-Clothesline thingy must be combined in your inventory in a specific order to retrieve the key.

How to get the rubber duck longest journey?

The Longest Journey April discovers the ducky trapped beneath a rusted grill in the Venice canals and frees it by scattering crumbs in the hope that a seagull will peck a hole in it, allowing it to float down to the Fringe Cafe and be snagged.

How many chapters is the longest journey?

Each book has its own self-contained story arc with a beginning, middle, and end, and the game is divided into 13 chapters and 5 books.

Should I play the longest journey before Dreamfall Chapters?

If you don’t want to play Dreamfall, you could watch a “Let’s play” video of the game on YouTube or another video platform instead.

Does Dreamfall Chapters have combat?

In Dreamfall Chapters, there is no combat or stealth gameplay.

Is Dreamfall Chapters point and click?

Dreamfall Chapters will be a large-scale, single-player PC and Mac adventure game that will not be point-and-click but rather a full 3D third-person experience with no combat. Dreamfall Chapters will eventually seek funding on Kickstarter.

Will there be another dreamfall game?

Dustborn is a brand new game from Red Thread Games, the Norwegian developer behind Dreamfall Chapters and Draugen. Dustborn will be released in 2021 on PC and next-gen consoles, and there is a Dustborn website if you’re interested.

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How long is the longest journey game?

This is a game you must not miss!

  • Extraordinary adventure game with over 150 locations in two dimensions.
  • A gripping story with many twists, smooth gameplay, and fantastic music will accompany you throughout the 50-hour game.

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