Travel And Leisure America’s 25 Most Iconic Drives?

What is the best road trip in USA?

Here are just seven of the best road trips in the USA.

  • Route 66.
  • Great River Road.
  • Pacific Coast Highway.
  • The Loneliest Road.
  • Overseas Highway.
  • The High Road to Taos.
  • Hill Country.

What is the most scenic drive in the United States?

So fill up your gas tank and get your camera ready, here are what I would consider the 15 most scenic drives in the USA.

  1. Olympic Peninsula Loop, Washington.
  2. Pacific Coast Highway, California.
  3. Highway 12, Utah.
  4. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia.
  5. Highway 101, Oregon.
  6. Overseas Highway, Florida.
  7. 89A, Arizona.

What is the most famous route in America?

Route 66

What is the most famous road in the world?

Here are 10 of the most iconic highways and byways from around the world for you to explore:

  • Lombard Street, San Francisco, USA.
  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.
  • Orchard Road, Singapore.
  • Las Vegas Boulevard South, Nevada, USA.
  • Abbey Road, London, UK.
  • Trollstigen, Norway.
  • Champs-Elysées, Paris, France.


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