Travel In Ireland Without A Car?

Where can I stay in Ireland without a car?

How to Travel Ireland’s West Coast Without Renting a Car

  • Marla Cichowski. Departing from Dublin.
  • Marla Cichowski. Galway, Quay Street.
  • Marla Cichowski. Salthill Promenade.
  • Marla Cichowski. Cliffs of Moher.
  • Carsten Krieger. Doolin Cliff Walk.
  • Marla Cichowski. Explore the Aran Islands.
  • Marla Cichowski. Aran Islands: Inisheer.
  • Marla Cichowski. Galway to Westport, Mayo County.

What is the best way to get around in Ireland?

Getting around Ireland by Public Transportation (and “Hub” travel)

  1. Before making your itinerary, look at the direct routes (sometimes called express) on bus and train lines.
  2. Pick two or three larger cities as a hub and make day trips from there.

Do you need a car in Ireland?

Advice For Renting A Car In IrelandYou don’t need a rental car for Dublin itself. Parking can be a pain and Dublin is very walkable with excellent public transportation too. If you’re starting your trip in Dublin, maybe book a rental car when you’re ready to leave the city, for exploring the rest of the country.

What is the best way to get around Dublin?

By Bus

  • By Bus.
  • After walking, buses are the most convenient and practical way to get around the city center sights.
  • Bus service runs daily throughout the city, starting at 6am (10am on Sundays), with the last bus at about pm.
  • You pay on board the bus, using an automatic fare machine located in front of the driver.


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