What Is A Refugee Travel Document?

A Refugee Travel Document is a go document that is granted to an asylum seeker or refugee that is very similar to a passport and permits the holder to travel outside of the United States and then come back to the country.

Can a refugee travel outside the US with a passport?

  1. Those who have been granted refugee or asylum status in the United States and intend to travel outside of the country are required to have a Refugee Travel Document in order to be allowed back into the country.
  2. When it comes to traveling, a person seeking asylum or refugee status can often utilize the Refugee Travel Document in place of a passport.
  3. The Refugee Travel Document has an appearance that is comparable to that of a passport issued by the United States.

What happens if you leave the US without a refugee travel document?

If you are granted refugee or asylum status in the United States and you leave the country without a refugee travel document, you run the risk of being unable to rejoin the country or of being placed in the process of being removed from the country. I will walk you through the steps of applying for a refugee travel document here in this tutorial.

What is US Refugee Travel Document?

If an asylee or refugee has to temporarily travel outside the United States, they are required to have a refugee travel document, which is essentially the same thing as a United States passport.

Can I travel with Refugee Travel Document?

In accordance with the Geneva Convention, if you are considered a refugee, your travel document will be recognized in every nation that has signed the pact. You will need to use the document that you travel with in order to make an application for a visiting visa. This does not mean that you are free to go to any nation without a visa.

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What is considered a travel document?

Documents necessary for travel consist of passports, passport cards, and arrival and departure records at the most fundamental level. Citizens of the United States need to have certain documentation in order to go outside of the nation and then lawfully enter the country upon their return.

Can I travel outside the US with a travel document?

  1. However, you are only allowed to remain outside the United States so long as you enter the country again before the date that is indicated on your travel document that indicates it will no longer be valid.
  2. The travel document will be valid for one year after it has been granted, normally within 150 days (in some cases more) after submitting your application documents to USCIS.
  3. However, in certain situations, the processing time may be longer.

Do I need a travel document if I have a green card?

In order to re-enter the United States after traveling outside of the country, Green Card holders and those who have been recognized as being eligible for refugee or asylum status in the United States are required to get travel papers. You must keep in mind that other forms of identification cannot stand in for passports when traveling.

Can a refugee travel without a passport?

What do you need to be able to apply for a travel document for refugees? You are not allowed to use any passports or other travel documents that were issued by your country of origin after you become a refugee.

Can a refugee have a passport?

2. A refugee, in contrast to an ordinary foreigner, does not benefit from the protection of the nation of his nationality and, as a result, is unable to make use of a national passport for the purpose of traveling.

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Can I travel to USA with Canadian Refugee Travel Document?

Those who have been granted refugee status in Canada and desire to travel to the United States must fulfill the same standards as Canadian permanent residents in order to do so. This includes both convention refugees and persons who are in need of protection. On the other hand, they are required to hold a Refugee Travel Document rather than a passport.

How do I get a refugee travel document?

  1. Fill out and submit Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, in order to make a request for a refugee travel document.
  2. Instructions and forms for filing are also accessible on our website, which may be accessed at www.uscis.gov.
  3. Take note of the directions clearly outlined on the form.
  • Please visit our website or call our customer service line at 1-800-375-5283 if you require any further information.

What does a travel document look like?

It resembles a passport and has a cover that is blue-green in color with the words ″TRAVEL DOCUMENT″ printed on the front of the booklet. Applicants for permanent residency whose applications have not yet been granted may, as an alternative, submit an application for advance parole (Form I-512).

Is a travel document the same as a passport?

A passport is a document that indicates a traveler’s proof of citizenship and is issued by either the government or a statutory body of the nation from where the passenger originated. A passport is not the same thing as a travel document. It’s possible to think of a travel document as nothing more than an identity card.

Can a refugee travel to another country?

It is a legitimate travel document that may be used in every country in the world. You are not permitted to utilize it in order to go to either the nation of which you are a citizen or the country in which you claim to be persecuted. In the event that you are either a Convention refugee or.

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How long does it take for Refugee Travel Document?

  1. After you have submitted your Form I-131, it should take anywhere from two to five months before you actually receive your refugee travel document.
  2. You have the option of requesting that the actual paperwork be delivered to either your location in the United States, the address of your attorney (should you decide to engage with one), or the address of a U.S.
  3. consulate or embassy located outside the country.

How much is a Refugee Travel Document?

Don’t forget to sign your form.

I am applying for a refugee travel document (Application Types B and C) and I am: Filing Fee Biometric Services
13 or younger $105 $0
14 or 15 $105 $85
16 to 79 $135 $85
80 or older $135 $0

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