What Is Clear Travel Program?

Clear is a registered traveler program that provides its members with the ability to authenticate their identity in a short amount of time using touchless biometric security kiosks.

How does the CLEAR program work?

When passing through TSA security checkpoints at PARTICIPATING AIRPORTS, seek for the CLEAR Lane and a CLEAR Ambassador will be there to meet you. At the CLEAR pod, you will first scan your boarding pass, then use either your fingerprints or your irises to authenticate your identification, and finally, we will lead you directly to the physical screening area. It can be done in a flash!

Which is faster CLEAR or TSA PreCheck?

  1. The CLEAR program speeds up the process of checking travel documents, while the TSA PreCheck program speeds up the process of inspecting passengers physically.
  2. A significant number of our members have discovered that these two services, when used in conjunction with one another, provide the simplest, most expedient way to go through the process of going through airport security and screening.

Is CLEAR better than Global Entry?

The membership fee for CLEAR is far more expensive, and in order to get the full benefits of the program, you need to make frequent use of one of the 35 airports in the United States that it services. If this is not the case, you will still be required to pay for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry in order to enjoy shorter waits when going through security checkpoints.

How do you qualify for CLEAR?

Who Is Able to Be Clear? Clear is only available to passengers who are at least 18 years old and who possess one of the following types of picture identification that is current and has not been altered: a state-issued ID, a U.S. military ID, a U.S. driver’s license, a U.S. passport, a U.S. passport card, a U.S.-issued permanent resident card, or a U.S. passport card.

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Is clear good for international travel?

Global Entry, which includes both domestic and international TSA PreCheck access, is extremely convenient for travelers who often cross international borders. Because you may join in the program while you are on your way to airport security, CLEAR is the quickest and easiest program to sign up for. However, it is the most expensive option.

Do you need TSA PreCheck for clear?

Clear, in contrast to TSA PreCheck, does not require applicants to undergo a criminal history check; nonetheless, applicants must be at least 18 years old and either a citizen of the United States or a permanent legal resident. You may submit your application in a matter of minutes online or at a Clear kiosk in an airport by presenting a government-issued identity card.

Is CLEAR free for military?

CLEAR is the quickest and most predictable method to go through airport security, and the company is deeply committed to helping the individuals who are responsible for our safety on a daily basis. Under the terms of the new initiative, members of the armed forces (together with their spouses or partners) will receive free membership to CLEAR for an entire year.

How do I get TSA PreCheck for free?

The easiest approach to acquire free access to TSA PreCheck is to have a credit card that is eligible for the program. If you use that card to pay the application price for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, dozens of credit cards will refund you for the cost of the application.

Can you cancel CLEAR after free trial?

You have the ability to cancel your Free Membership with CLEAR and request that your personal information be removed from CLEAR’s databases by sending an email with your request to [email protected], getting in touch with CLEAR’s customer service group at 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763), or using the chat function on our website.

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Is CLEAR safe?

With its certification under the SAFETY Act, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has given the new identifying security system its stamp of approval; this indicates that CLEAR has been certified as a piece of anti-terrorism technology.

Do you automatically get TSA PreCheck with Global Entry?

Additionally, membership in Global Entry automatically includes membership in TSA PreCheck. This means that travelers who have Global Entry can take advantage of a more expedited screening process, regardless of whether they are traveling within the United States or returning to the United States after a trip abroad.

Do you have to take your shoes off with CLEAR?

There is no requirement for passengers to remove their shoes or belts, as well as refrain from taking their laptops or liquids out of their baggage. The majority of the time, rather than using full-body scanners, travelers are screened with walk-through equipment of an older design.

Does CLEAR work for all airlines?

CLEAR is compatible with all airlines, although its implementation in airports is still in its early stages. CLEAR is also offered at certain venues for other sporting events.

Can I bring a guest through CLEAR?

At stadiums and events, members are permitted to bring one (1) adult visitor through the CLEAR Lane each and every day. Children who are less than 18 years old can enter the Lane without the requirement for a membership as long as they are accompanied by an adult. I always make sure to welcome the staff at @clear as if they were old friends.

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