What States Did Lewis And Clark Travel Through?

What modern day states did Lewis and Clark Cross?

Lewis and Clark’s great journey west begins in Washington D.C. and zigzags along the eastern seaboard encompassing the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania; then proceeds through Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.

What cities did Lewis and Clark travel through?

In the spring of 1804, Lewis, Clark, and dozens of other men left St. Louis, Missouri, by boat. They traveled westward through what is now Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. In November they reached Knife River Village in present-day North Dakota.

What state did Lewis and Clark end?

The triumphant return of the Lewis and Clark expedition. After reaching the Pacific Ocean in November 1805, the corps established Fort Clatsop, near present-day Astoria, Oregon, as its winter quarters. Then, on March 23, 1806, the weary explorers headed for home and St. Louis.

What state did Lewis and Clark start at?

The Expedition BeginsLewis entrusted Clark to recruit men for their “Corps of Volunteers for Northwest Discovery.” Throughout the winter of 1803-1804, Clark recruited and trained men at Camp DuBois north of St. Louis, Missouri.Travel

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