When I Travel My Last Mile?

It is essentially the final leg of a person’s journey through a city, whether it be after they have parked their car, gotten out of a bus or metro, or simply made a brief walk to the convenience store down the street, a café for a cup of coffee, etc.If you live in a city, there is a good probability that you make the trip to the very final mile on a regular basis.As a direct result of this, you may perhaps be facing the dilemma of the last mile.

What is last mile in supply chain management?

The term ″last mile″ refers to the final segment of a journey, which includes the transfer of people and commodities from a transportation hub to their final destination.This term is used in supply chain management and transportation planning.The term ″last mile″ originated in the telecommunications sector, which struggled to link individual residences to the primary network of telecommunications providers.

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