When Will Us Lift Travel Ban From India?

Travel restrictions on India and other countries have been abolished, according to the White House, and will become effective on November 8, 2021.

When will the US travel ban be lifted?

When will the travel restriction imposed by the United States be lifted? On November 1, the White House said that the travel restriction on most passengers from the European Union (EU), Brazil (Brazil), China (India), Iran (Iran), the United Kingdom (UK), and Ireland (Ireland) will be lifted in ″early November.″ However, there has been no announcement of a precise date.

When will India lift the ban on international flights?

Indian authorities have finally removed their ban on scheduled foreign commercial flights, which had been in place for over two years. Following the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, the authorities decided to halt all foreign aviation operations.

What is the latest news on the US travel ban for India?

Termination of Travel restriction for travelers from india Latest News on US Travel Ban for Indian Travelers Jul 26th, 2021 : The instances in US are growing citing the delta variation. Based on this WhiteHouse announced that they do not plan to lift the Travel Ban in the immediate term.

Is India facing a second wave of Trump-Biden travel restrictions?

Biden rescinded President Donald Trump’s intentions to ease travel restrictions for visitors from European countries. Later, when India was confronting its second wave of terrorism, Biden put fresh limitations on the nation (for foreigners—there were distinct limits for holders of U.S. passports—which became effective in April 2021).

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