Where Can I Travel With A Guatemalan Passport?

124 nations are not a problem for someone traveling on a Guatemalan passport. Citizens who hold a Guatemalan passport are able to get visas online for 20 different countries. Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Cayman Islands are among the nations accepted by the Guatemalan passport.

Holders of Guatemalan passports are eligible for visa-free travel to Singapore, the United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, and the rest of the European Union, as well as visas upon arrival in those countries. This makes it possible to go to some of the world’s most popular places fairly immediately.

Where can I travel with Guatemala passport without visa?

Guatemala passport visa free nations include Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Jamaica. According to Visa List Index 2022, the Guatemalan passport now holds the 76th position. The capital of Guatemala is called Guatemala City, and the country of Guatemala is located in Central America and North America. It is a developing country that is home to 16 million people.

Where can I renew my passport in Guatemala?

Where you Should Go. When it comes time to renew their passports, Guatemalan citizens are required to go to a RENAP office. The primary RENAP office may be found in Guatemala City at the following address: Calzada Roosvelt 13-46, Zone 7.

What do I need to travel to Guatemala?

All nations listed in the table above are needed to possess a passport that is current for a period of at least six months in order to enter Guatemala.

Do you need a passport to travel to Guatemala with pets?

When entering or exiting Guatemala, minors under the age of 18 who are in possession of a valid passport are exempt from requiring further authorization from their parents. Dogs and cats kept as pets are required to have a health certificate issued by a veterinarian in addition to an import permission obtained from the nearest Guatemalan embassy or consulate.

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Can I travel in the US with a Guatemalan passport?

The Visa Waiver Program is not available to Guatemalan nationals, thus they cannot use it to travel to the United States. If they satisfy the following qualifications, citizens of member nations are exempt from the need to get a visa in order to engage in tourism or business travel that does not exceed ninety days: Have a passport that already has a chip installed in it (e-passport)

How many countries can Guatemala passport enter without visa?

The rating of the Guatemalan passport is number 37, and travelers with a Guatemalan passport have access to 136 countries that do not require a visa.It is important to note that the number of countries that allow Guatemalan passport holders to access without a visa, through a visa obtained upon arrival, or through an electronic travel authorization is used to compile the list of visa-free nations.

Can I go to Canada with a Guatemalan passport?

Canada tourist visa from Guatemala Tourist visas are necessary for citizens of Guatemala when traveling to Canada.The typical length of stay is just 180 days, and the visa is only valid for that amount of time as well.When applying for a tourist visa to Canada, the applicant must be present in order to be considered.The application for a tourist visa to Canada calls for a total of twelve different papers.

Can Guatemalan citizen travel to Europe?

At this time, those who are in possession of a Guatemalan passport do not require a visa to enter Europe.Nothing will change with regard to this.They will, however, be needed to fulfill an extra admission criteria in order to travel to Europe beyond the year 2022.A current and valid ETIAS is required for entry into all Schengen Area countries for Guatemalan citizens who desire to travel there.

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How long can a Guatemalan citizen stay in the US?

You are permitted numerous entries into the United States if you have a Guatemalan citizen B1B2 visa, and you are allowed to stay in the United States for a maximum of 180 days each entrance. You just need to apply for the visa once, and it will be active for ten years.

How does a Guatemalan become a U.S. citizen?

According to the Office of Personnel Management of the United States, a person can become a citizen in one of three ways: by birth (defined as a person who is born within the borders of Guatemala, regardless of the nationality of their parents), by descent (defined as a person who is born outside of Guatemala but at least one of their parents is a citizen of Guatemala), or by naturalization (defined as a person who was born outside of Guatemala but later becomes a citizen of Guatemala).

Can Guatemalan citizens travel to Spain?

Embassies of Spain located in Guatemala At this time, Guatemalan citizens are able to visit Spain without the need for a visa for stays of 90 days or less. When the ETIAS visa waiver program is finally implemented, which should be within the next year or two, all passengers coming from Guatemala will be required to have an ETIAS before they are allowed to enter Spain.

Can I travel to Puerto Rico with my Guatemalan passport?

Puerto Rico has substantial limitations for travel. The vast majority of tourists coming from Guatemala will not be permitted to enter Puerto Rico. Find out about travel regulations, including quarantine and entrance restrictions, before you go to Puerto Rico.

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Can Guatemalans go to Greece?

Open. Travel to Greece is now possible. There are little limitations on travel to Greece for the vast majority of Guatemalan tourists. No quarantine is necessary.

Can Guatemalans travel to Peru?

Open. Peru is available for travel. There are very few limitations on travel to Peru for tourists coming from Guatemala. There is no need for a quarantine.

Do Guatemalans need a visa for the UK?

Traveling to the United Kingdom as a citizen of Guatemala does not require a visa.

Do Guatemalans need a visa to go to Greece?

Visa requirements for Guatemalan nationals are administrative entrance restrictions imposed on citizens of Guatemala by the authorities of other governments. Visa requirements.

Country Greece
Visa requirement Visa not required
Allowed stay 90 days
Notes (excluding departure fees) 90 days within any 180 day period in the Schengen Area

Can Guatemalan travel to Mexico?

Travel to Mexico is now possible. There are very few restrictions on entry into Mexico for travelers coming from Guatemala. No quarantine is necessary. Find travel restrictions, quarantine and entrance procedures to travel Mexico.

Do Guatemalans need a visa for France?

At this time, Guatemalan nationals who plan to visit France for tourist or business purposes do not require a visa if their intended length of stay in France is shorter than three months.Prior to their trip, visitors who wish to work, study, or live in France are required to get a visa from either the French Embassy in Guatemala City or the French Consulate in Quetzaltenango.Both of these locations are located in Guatemala.

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