Where Not To Travel Right Now?

It is not a good idea to travel to China, South Korea, Italy, or Iran right now because these countries are home to some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Because the rapid spread of the virus has been largely ascribed to air travel, we are left wondering what the implications of this will be for our prospective travel plans.

Is Everything heading in the wrong direction for travel?

Just when we thought we were very much in the ‘de-escalation’ phase of lockdown, everything appears to be headed in the wrong direction again for many of us, especially when it comes to travel. This is particularly concerning given the current state of the airports and other transportation options. The world’s borders are sealed, and there are continued limits on people’s ability to travel.

Is it safe to travel to Europe and the Caribbean this spring?

There is a possibility that you may need to postpone your trip to Europe or the Caribbean this spring if you have been fantasizing about going there. Due of the’very high’ levels of COVID-19 that are present in a number of prominent tourist areas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to warn against any travel that is not absolutely necessary to any of those locations.

Which countries are now travel-free in Europe?

The number of European nations that do not impose travel restrictions continues to increase, and now includes Sweden.Other countries on this list include Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, and Poland.Beginning on April 18th, Cyprus will no longer use its traffic signal system and will relax its admission requirements for anyone who have not been vaccinated.As on the 11th of April, certain restrictions on the island will be loosened.

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