Why Do Some Pigments Travel Further In Chromatography?

Some pigments dissolve in water easier and are pulled with the water farther up the paper.

Others are more attracted to the paper and move more slowly.

Usually smaller molecules will move farther than larger ones.

Why do colors travel different distances in chromatography?

In paper chromatography different pigments can be separated based on their solubility, or their ability to dissolve in water. The more soluble a pigment is, the more readily it will dissolve in the mobile phase and the farther it will usually travel as it is carried by the water being absorbed into the paper.

Why do pigments move up the chromatography paper?

Separation of Plant Pigments Using Chromatography. The solvent carries the dissolved pigments as it moves up the paper. The pigments are carried along at different rates because they are not equally soluble. Therefore, the less soluble pigments will move slower up the paper than the more soluble pigments.

What determines how far a pigment will travel in chromatography?

The speed at which a particular pigment moves depends on its relative affinities for the two solvent phases; if it has no affinity whatever for the water phase, it will travel at maximum speed, just behind the solvent-front (eg beta-carotene); on the other hand, if the pigment has no affinity whatever for the non-polar

What are the two factors that cause pigments to move at different rates during paper chromatography?

Key Concepts I: Plant Pigment ChromatographyThe molecules migrate, or move up the paper, at different rates because of differences in solubility, molecular mass, and hydrogen bonding with the paper.

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Why must the solvent level be below the Coloured spots in chromatography?

The solvent level has to be below the starting line of the TLC, otherwise the spots will dissolve away. Non-polar solvents will force non-polar compounds to the top of the plate, because the compounds dissolve well and do not interact with the polar stationary phase.

What color M&M dissolves fastest?

I found out that Coke will dissolve the candy coating off of a red M&M the fastest. In my hypothesis, I thought that white vinegar would dissolve the candy coating off of a red M&M the fastest.

Which pigment has the highest RF value?


Pigment Rf value
β-carotene 0.98
Chlorophyll a 0.59
Chlorophyll b 0.42
Anthocyanins 0.32-0.62

1 more row

Why do the colors separate in paper chromatography?

As the water creeps up the paper, the colors will separate out into their components. Capillary action makes the solvent travel up the paper, where it meets and dissolves the ink. The dissolved ink (the mobile phase) slowly travels up the paper (the stationary phase) and separates out into different components.

What are the RF values of pigments?

You can obtain Rf values for each of your pigment lines using the equation in Figure 1. The literature reports the following Rf values for each component: Rf = 0.16 for xanthophyll, Rf = 0.32 for chlorophyll b, Rf = 0.44 for chlorophyll a, and Rf = 0.95 for β- carotene.

How do you know which pigment is most soluble?

The orange colored band, made of the pigment called carotenoids. is the most soluble in alcohol, so it traveled the farthest. The yellow xanthophylls are the next most soluble, followed by the blue-green chlorophyll A. The least soluble pigment is the yellow green chlorophyll B.

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Why can’t the chromatography paper touch the sides of the beaker?

It is important that the filter paper did not touch the walls of the test tube because if touching the side walls, water would absorb from the sides as well as the bottom of the filter paper.

What are the factors that affect the movement of pigment during chromatography?

the factors that affecting the movement of pigment during chromatography were porosity of the chromatography paper,solubility of the solvent as well as the molecular size of the solute.Travel

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