Willingness To Travel (in Percentage) Means?

Percentage of travel is a portion of that total amount of hours or days that you are willing to travel.

For example, if your employer is asking you to travel at least 20% of the time, that means up to 384 hours traveled.

Or in other words, around 16 days out of the year.

What does 70% travel mean?

What does travel up to 70% mean? Travel up to 70% means that throughout the year, you must be willing to travel up to 70% of the time. One work week has 5 days, so traveling 70% of the time means you can expect to travel 3-4 days a week.

What is willingness travel?

When a prospective employer asks you whether you’re willing to travel, your answer had better include the word “yes.” If the employer is asking you the question, chances are there’s a significant amount of travel involved with the job – so much so that it could affect your home and personal life.

What does 30% travel mean in a job description?

Most people are referring to the number of business days traveling or in another city. 30% would be 3 days out of every 2 weeks. You might fly out to visit a client on Sunday, work there Monday through Wednesday, fly home Wednesday night, then work locally the rest of that week and the following week.

What does 25% Travel Look Like?

It usually looks like: one week per month (4 day trip to a major customer), and then three weeks per month of shorter trips to other regions/cities for quick overnight trips, but some of them can be 3 day trips. This particular job that states 25% travel would be an awesome challenge/ opportunity for me.Travel

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