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People and Country

Dubai tourism is a stunning example of an international city, with a look and air that is in stark contrast to its sandy surroundings. As the world's fastest growing city, it represents the indomitable will of man to overcome an intimidating environment.

As one of the seven emirate states formed in 1971, Dubai shot into the limelight only after oil was discovered here in the early 1970's. The oil industry and the growth of the city-state into a major trading and tourist destination Dubai have attracted a very large expatriate population.

The land crunch as a result has led to the creation of artificial islands off its coast such as the Jumeira Palm Island and The World. There is a grandiose element to all the structures in Dubai, and the city sports some of the world's largest malls, theme parks, resorts and hotels.

Dubai City has come up on the edge of a narrow winding creek which separates southern Bur Dubai, the heart of the city, from Deira, the northern part where most of the commercial activity is concentrated. The northern sections lead to Sharjah and Ra's al-Khaimah, while the southern areas lead to Jumeirah, New Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. The Shindigha tunnel via the Dubai Creek links the two sections.

Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai proves itself as a great family destination, with some very out of the ordinary attractions for children. The Wild Wadi Water Park on the Jumeirah Beach Road is the largest water theme park presently in the Middle East, with as many as 23 rides packed in, while the Children City at the Dubai Creek Park is a stimulating experience that explores nature and science outside the classroom.

Besides, there's the Dubai Museum located within the 18th century Fahidi Fort, where the walk through the history of the United Arab Emirates is a lively, animated one brought to life with great sound effects. You'll find artifacts as ancient as 6000 years old, some excavated from the archaeological site at Jumeirah and Al-Quasais.

Amongst monuments, the Sheikh Saeed Al- Maktoum House at Shindigha, originally built for the royal family in 1896 is a museum of sorts, tracing the evolution of modern Dubai. In the vicinity is a Heritage and Diving Village with reconstructed models of Dubai's maritime past.

The Jumeirah Mosque near Diyafah Street, Jumeirah is an imposing example of modern Islamic architecture, and is brilliant when illuminated at night. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in its quest to enlighten non-Muslims about Islam organizes tours to the monument.

Dubai tour offers a choice of conducted - apart from the regular desert and deep sea fishing tours, take an evening off to visit a Bedouin campsite, enjoy a barbecue and tap to Arab music. Or, take a. trip in an abra, a motorized water cab - from Bur Dubai to the spice souk in Deira. A tour of the wadis in the desert, or "wadi-bashing" in local parlance is a trip to the Hajar mountains through canyons, oases and farms.

Dubai's reputed Gold Souk in Deira figures high on the itinerary of tourists, and the glittering shops and prices are enough to tempt the thriftiest of spenders. Souvenirs of the Arab world, garments and accessories can also be picked up here. The malls are overwhelming, entertainment zones in their own right, and stocking the latest and the best of all that's produced in any corner of the world. The electronics souk in Bur Dubai is where you can pick up the latest gadgets at reasonable bargains, while the Blue Souk has a concentration of dealers in Persian rugs and handicrafts. Karama in Bur Dubai and the Deira City Centre are also popular with backpackers.

Among Dubai's most astonishing and incredible structures is the world's largest and most beautiful hotel, the Burj-Al-Arab. Coming up soon is the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai Tower. Also under construction is the world's largest theme park, "Dubailand" which will have life-size dinosaurs on display, amongst other fantasies.

The ski slope at the Mall of the Emirates is another engineering marvel where you can actually go skiing in the middle of the desert! Stretch the imagination a little further - there's an upcoming building in Dubai to be powered by solar energy which will rotate 360 degrees!

The wonders don't stop hereā€¦ the Hydropolis, the world's first underwater luxury hotel is also under construction 20 m under the surface of the Arabian Gulf, off the Jumeirah Beach.

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