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People and Culture of Maldives

The gentle whispering of the palms, and the murmur of the ocean waters - if that's all you wish to see and hear, head straight for the Maldives! With untainted, white beaches and sparkling blue waters, Maldives is pure heaven!

The Maldive atoll is south of India's Lakshadweep islands in the Indian Ocean. With only 200 of the 1,192 coral islands inhabited, Maldives has the smallest population in Asia. This tropical paradise caught the attention of international tourists in the 1970s, and is the preferred destination for vacationers from Europe and the US.

The islets are low lying, with the highest point being 7.5 ft! Sea levels have been rising, and the country lost several of its islands to the tsunami that struck in 2004. Male, the capital is just 2 sq. km in area and its airport is located on the adjacent island of Hulhule.

The Maldivians owe their origins to the early settlers who came from India and Sri Lanka, and later, from Arabia. Their culture too is borrowed from these sources, and Divehi, the official language is closer to Sinhalese spoken in Sri Lanka

87 islands are exclusively for tourists, with a single resort on each island! In 2006, Maldives won the coveted "World's Leading Dive Destination" award and the "Indian Ocean's Leading Destination" award. Again, in 2007, while it recorded the highest number of tourists, it also won the "World's Most Romantic Destination" title.

What to do in Maldives

Maldives prides itself on being the best diving destination in the world. The warm, clear lagoons have an abundant marine life, and the best way to explore these wonders is to dive into the waters. Don't worry if you know nothing about the sport - there are professional diving instructors at every resort to guide you through the lucid waters.

The shallow reefs of the Maldivian islands are great for snorkeling - a snorkeling trip is a must-do on every tourist's list. But if you're not too keen on either sport, you can still get a close up view of the treasures of the sea by taking the Whale Submarine which glides 100 feet below the surface.

Surfing is fast gaining popularity in the Maldives, with the eastern parts of the North Male Atoll having the best surf breaks. The monsoons from end of May to October are perfect to ride the waves.

The locals love to have you join in their favorite pastime - fishing! You can join in the adventure of night sea fishing, wherein the boat sails off before sunset from your resort, and secures itself on a reef to wait for a big catch. You can also ask your tour operator or resort for a berth on a troll if you want to go for big game fishing in the morning hours.

Whales and dolphins bobbing up the waters are great entertainers too! You can sight 20 different varieties of these mammals off the shores of the Maldives, with the Spinner Dolphins occurring in droves. It's easy to follow their daily schedule, so you're sure to spot them at appointed hours during the day! The larger Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, the Pilot Whale and a host of other breeds can be observed if you cruise out of the atoll in a safari boat.

Best / Ideal time to visit Maldives

Between December and April, the weather is at its best - the weather is dry, and the waters are clearer. But if you love the rain and the sea, visit Maldives between May and November, and take advantage of the off-season rates offered by the resorts.

There's a whole range of accommodation available to suit every pocket - you can choose between luxury resorts and budget resorts and enjoy what the Maldivians call, "the sunny side of life"!

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