2009 Dodge Journey How To Get Codes?


Use the link to support OBD-Codes.com if you shop at Amazon.com (for anything). Also includes Plymouth and Eagle. Am I assuming correctly that I now have an intake leak? Squirt some water around/on intake with engine running. Air leak will show up as bubbles.

How can I check my engine code without a code reader?

Your car will then check for any saved trouble codes by turning the ignition on and off a few times without cranking the engine, finishing with the key in the on position. All the lights on the dash should light up until one remains onu2014usually the “service engine” light.

How do I get a diagnostic code for my car?

To read the codes, connect a scan tool or code reader to the 16-pin OBD II diagnostic connector, which is usually found under the dash near the steering column, and the tool will display the code or codes that have caused the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Does car have to be running to check codes?

Since 1996, all cars have been required to have an Onboard Diagnostics 2 (OBD2) system installed; instead of running to the mechanic for diagnostics, add an OBD2 scanner to your collection of automotive tools.

How do you fix engine code P0138?

What can be done to fix the P0138 error code?

  1. Replacing the O2 sensor in bank 1 sensor 2.
  2. Repairing or replacing the wiring or connection to the O2 sensor in bank 1 sensor 2.
  3. Replacing the catalyst in front of the sensor.

What is the most common reason for check engine light?

A faulty oxygen sensor will always result in a check engine warning, and it’s one of the most common reasons why your car’s check engine light comes on while you’re driving.

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How do you clear the codes on a Dodge Ram?

How to Reset a RAM 1500’s Check Engine Light

  1. Disconnect the black/negative cable from your battery under the hood.
  2. Wait 20 minutes for the power reserve to expire
  3. The RAM 1500 check engine light should reset automatically during this time.

Where can I get a free diagnostic test on my car?

However, you may not realize that you can have that problem checked for free at AutoZone or another local auto parts store. Many drivers are unaware that AutoZone, the nation’s largest auto parts retailer, will read the codes on your check engine light for free.

What is KWP2000 code?

Keyword Protocol 2000 (KWP2000) is the name given to a type of communications protocol used for on-board vehicle diagnostics systems. Keyword Protocol 2000 is used by auto diagnostic tools and programmers to read and transfer data to your vehicle’s electronic control unit, or ECU.

How do I check my car for problems with my computer?

BlueDriver is a professional-grade vehicle scan tool with a user-friendly interface.

  1. Connect the BlueDriver to your vehicle’s OBD II (On Board Diagnostics) port – find out where it is here.
  2. Pair the BlueDriver with your Android or iOS device.

What are P codes?

P-codes, like zip codes and postal codes, are part of a data management system that assigns unique reference codes to specific locations, allowing for the systematic linking and exchanging of data as well as the analysis of relationships between them.

What is a ECU fault?

When a car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) detects a problem or malfunction within the vehicle, it generates an ECU fault code, which causes the check engine light to illuminate. ECU fault codes, also known as diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), are part of your car’s on-board diagnostic (OBD II) system.

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